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    Lately all my accounts and my brothers' have been getting banned, even new ones with 30 minute bot time, they all get 2 day bans (i think auto bans) is jagex onto me? Is there a way to change your Ip adress or make jagex think you are logging in from elsewhere? (I am not tech savvy so I have no clue what I should look to change) any help would be welcome, thanks in advance.

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    I would recommend you to use proxies for botting. try to keep your own ip clean for your main accounts




    Changing your ip isn't that easy. But you can still play on your own Ip, I prefer you to play legit for a while

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    Yeah, your IP is 100% flagged. 


    Get a VPN or proxies that you know haven't been used for botting before. VPN is sufficient, but proxies are a better choice. Make sure you pay for these. Don't use some free proxy or VPN service.


    I would highly advise against botting without one of the above options, because otherwise you expose your public IP to Jagex and then they can just ban every account that logs in from that IP. 


    If you're unable to get a VPN or proxy, you may be able to change your router's public IP by unplugging it for several minutes (at the very least), if not overnight. When you plug it back in there's a chance your public facing IP will have been assigned to someone else and you'll be given a new one. You could also try calling your ISP and asking them to change it, but good luck with either of these options as they've never worked for me.

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