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    CLOSE because hurricane Irma




    I will be making accounts for whatever you want


    All money from skilling or killing on the accounts will go to me


    If the skill is a members skill, then you need to deposit the bond price (this will count for the total price)


    If the skill is a nonmembers skill, then you will need to make a 50% or 2m deposit (whatever is lower)


    the deposit is to tell me that you won’t go back on what your buying


    My services


    all of the prices are per account if you want 2 accounts that need a bond then you need to pay 2x the bond




    all prices are debatable if you want something cheaper we can work something out or i have no sale


    Cannon ball

    2.8m + bond price

    deposit Bond price

            - quest = 1.3m

            - smithing lvl = 1.5m

            - members skill = Bond price



    Blast Furnaces

    LVL 30 smithing = 2.5M + Bond price

    deposit Bond price

            - smithing lvl = 2.5

    - members skill = Bond price



    LVL 60 smithing = 7M + bond price

    deposit Bond price

            - smithing lvl = 7m

            - members skill = Bond price




    LVL 15 woodcutting = 72k  

    deposit 36k


    LVL 30 woodcutting = 300k

    deposit 150k


    LVL 60 woodcutting = 7m

    deposit 2m





    You might get free lvls in other things like combat







    you name it but the higher lvl you ask the longer it will take


    30/XP + bond price (if members skill)


    if 5 or more people ask for the same thing then i will add that to my services


    Contact me

    Pref discord = https://discord.gg/3dNmUN7

    i will give you a rank that will give you access privet chat room and it will prove that i am selling to you. In the privet discord chat room, I will show the progress of the account that your buying. (with that being said if you get a PM from someone that claims to be me, block them, if you were scammed from someone saying that they were me then I am not responsible)


    this website PM or chat below


    My Promise

    1. the accounts are not botted


    2. if I fail to deliver then i will pay you back the deposit you payed at the beginning


    3. help you out if there are any problems with the account(s)






    1. you pay first


    2. i ask you to please leave feedback after our trade


    3. I have the right to deny anyone my service for any reason I deem fit


    4. I will not be held responsible for a 3rd party knowing the password of the account


    5. I am not responsible for any bans the account(s) get after 4 hours of our trade


    6. if you have deposit and decide to not buy the account(s) WIP then i keep the deposit and the account


    7. i will only work on 2 accounts at a time


    8. if middle man is used then you pick i verify

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