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  • Refund Request:Cipher Accounts


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    1. Script purchased: Cipher Accounts

    2. Date of purchase:July 26, 2017 at 6:48:42 PM PDT

    3. Detailed description of problem: Now as I know it is past the 14 days to ask for a refund but today even tho the script is no longer available I just got charged for months occurring fee. now rather then dispute it on paypal id rather go though here.


    ​But ALSO when I first purchased the script I was having issues just like everyone else but instead of asking for a refund I thought I would ask the scripter for some Help to see if there was anything I could do, I sent the PM 4 days after the purchase,tried to add him on discord AND added him on skype and it took 16 DAYS to get a reply, never was added on skype OR a reply and the discord user was not working. I did ask for a full refund due to the fact that it took so long to get a reply to the point where its past the refund will post all screen shots from PM. if I knew it would have been like that then I would have asked for a refund right away instead of PMing the scripter because I had a issue that seemed everyone was having.

    ​4. Proof of attempted scripter contact (screenshots only):https://gyazo.com/b9ffcdeae7af71d9fbf36209f8c841aa , https://gyazo.com/b42d3548211885b81973ac1cfcb04b23 , https://gyazo.com/c69ca079eb8714d292ad4bc150ac20d7

    5. Proof of script issue(s) (screenshot/gif/video): Accounts were getting locked almost instantly,script told me that was the reason why he took it down and released the source

    6. Desired outcome: Problem(s) fixed / Refund / Script swap (from same scripter) I would like a Full refund of the script and the monthly cost due to I tried to do things the right away and maybe something to help prevent issues like a scripter being able to take down a script but yet still charging the monthly fee

    ​but if you guys decide  I can not get the Full refund then I just want the monthly charge refunded

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    I've refunded the monthly payment, and I gave your account 15 dollars of credit as a partial refund for the original purchase, due to how long ago it was. I couldn't do a full refund back to paypal because there were multiple scripts on the original invoice.

    Please make sure to cancel the recurring payment in your paypal account so that it does not charge you again.

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