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  • Scammed by Chapter


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    I bought an account from Chapter aka Ryzen aka Ayaka back in November 2016. He then contacted me late May asking if he could have the account back but I declined him since I had progressed on the account quite a bit. Afraid he might recover the account I moved all the gold and valuable off the account and basically put it in quarantine checking if it got recovered every couple days. After a month of this I decided it might be safe and started using the account again. The past couple weeks I have been very busy since I moved from Virginia to Los Angeles and I finally had some free time to check my accounts yesterday but what do you know the account had been recovered.

    Here are some screenshots of the trade and evidence:




    Looks like the email of the account was changed to the creation email/username email [email protected]

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    If you type the email [email protected] into the search bar on Sythe you get the profile https://www.sythe.org/members/asturix.363911/ who was banned for scamming on powerbot https://www.sythe.org/threads/asturix-is-a-scammer/


    Before shooting me down before I even respond, you might want to get your facts straight first. I never scammed of Powerbot, my account was hacked on Parabot which shared the same password as my PB account, I also verified this with Nezz years ago before I got trial mod. But I credit you for your amazing internet detective skills, you'd make a great addition to internet police squad. 



    I'm not gonna lie, I did recover the account back.  

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    Okay, then give the account back to him.

    Or if roka doesn't want the account back, then you two need to discuss some type of refund.


    As it currently stands, you've scammed. If you wish to remain part of the community you'll have to resolve this.

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