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  • The story of the boy and girl: part 2



    2 members have voted

    1. 1. should the boy sacrifice himself for the girl?

      • yes why wouldn't he, he is a gentlemen.
      • Hella, no humans only think about themself

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    pre intro:

    The next day i woke up and it was again 12 noon i looked out of my window and saw that girl again talking to herself.
    story continue's part 2 later this day. 

    Part 2:

    I saw that girl once again, i ran immediately outside without saying anything to my mom i looked at her face and thought;

    it's her the girl from yesterday.


    I went immediately back home to see what date it was i took my phone from my desk and unlocked it(yuki background) and saw 1 August, yesterday it was 1 August wait i asked my mom:

    ''what's is the date mom, MOM''


    "It's is one August did you forget it?"

    "Oww yeah i just had weird dream, but i am going to play outside ok"

    "Okay call me if you gonna stay late till late outside"


    So i went outside and took my ball with me which my dad bought it was an Adidas ball, i once again approached the girl.


    "Hey wanna play soccer"

    "Sure but i don't know you and I'm not really good at soccer"


    Aren't all women bad at soccer mweh i just want to play soccer so i can prevent that accident or was it a dream? I don't know anymore.


    "It doesn't matter that you can't play soccer, let's go to the new soccer field i heard it's really big"



    So we went to the new soccer field but you don't know what happened when we almost arrived there i tell you it was horrible.So i prevented the ice bar route because i was really scared of seeing her dying again, i don't know if it was a dream but it was horrible.


    So everything went smoothly so first there was a stoplight and i was very cautious for any incoming cars once we crossed the pedestrian crossing we saw the new soccer field it was huge but once again she ran toward the field and then something horrible happened some pillars came down and once again i saw a pool of blood i saw blood everywhere. i could taste the iron in her blood i could smell the blood "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH", why did this once again happened i thought everything went smoothly, but once again.


    But once again i woke up in my bed at 12 noon.


    - Still trying to improve my writing style any tips are welcoming, i already know that my grammar is shit im using Grammarly now to see what mistake i make part 3 maybe tomorrow after i get my poll stats -


    TL;DR: Boy once again wakes up at his bed after something horrible happens.



    -When people say you can't code: https://imgur.com/gallery/fgJay


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