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  • [S] 1 att / 1 def / 75 str Obby maul pure pker (50 range)


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    Stats of the account - 1 attack, 1 defence, 75 strength, 50 range, 31 prayer, 64 hp (40+ smiting, 70+ cooking)




    Account status (bans, mutes) - None




    Login screen - 




    Quests (completed) - Has about 30 QP, no noteworthy ones though


    Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) - The account will come with ~4m wealth. (200k obby maul, 3m berserker neck, 800k pk supplies (potions, food, etc))


    Minimum bid (price to start bids) 24m osrs gp (if you don't want any supplies left on the account, subtract 4m from final price)


    Autowin - 50m 


    Payment method - osrs gp, bitcoin, paypal (only accepting paypal if I deem you trusted)


    Trading conditions (middleman) - We can use a middleman unless either you go first or I deem you trusted.


    Previous owners (if any) - No previous owners, I created this account. I created the email that goes with the account specifically for osrs, so you get the email with the account. 

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    how much paypal

    For USD, I would accept $ at a rate of $1.00/m. So minimum bid would be $24, autowin $50. I wouldn't be able to accept paypal from you though. It would have to be btc or osrs gp. There are people in the discord market chat who sell osrs gp at $1.00/m and accept paypal. You could buy gold from them and use the gold.


    still have this account? 

    Yeah, still selling.

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    Slayer level of acc? It's quite important to a mauler and I noticed you tried very hard to cover it up. 

    The slayer level is very low. I would say just assume its 1 if slayer level is something you're considering.

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