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    Hey everyone! First off, I've been playing RS on and off since around 2002. I've been through many accounts, but the account I'm playing now has been my main for nearly 10 years. My RS3 stats are pretty good, and my OSRS stats are decent. 


    I'm trying to get back into the game and I'm wanting to do some bossing and other higher-skilled tasks, however my stats are lacking. I want to get my combats from 72 atk/str/def to 80-85ish, mage from 60 to 75ish and range from 70 to 80ish. I have used bots in the past, way before EOC, and had no issues. I attempted to bot with powerbot after OSRS came out and got busted within a day with a light ban of 72 hours or something.


    I just want to hear some feedback and see how everyones experience is with DreamBot. When being used I will most of the time use it supervised while doing house activities or playing xbox. Sometimes I may run while I'm at work for under 6 hours. I do NOT want this account to be banned solely for the time invested in the account (99 agil, hunt, pray and fm on rs3) and the sentimental value of having this account for so long. I will gladly pay for the premium subscription to better my chances of not being banned, but will I safely be able to use this bot long enough to get my combat stats to where I want them and possibly some other skills such as agility, mining, thieving, fm, etc... Without catching a permanent ban? I will take whatever precautions necessary to save myself from a ban but I just want to know how people have held up after using the bot a lot.



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    If you care about the account, which is obviously the case here, don't bot on it. If you care less, try hashtag's nmz script.

    If you get caught again, you will probably get a perm ban.

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    If you have already gotten the temp ban on that account then don't bot it again. You will get a perm ban the next time its caught, so better off not botting it if you care at all.

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