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  • [Open Source] Dream Cooking


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    Hello guys, I wanted to release this simple script I made over a year ago which I decided to convert, and then open source to help the community out a bit! This is by no means a perfect script, but rather a base for which writers can use to create their own scripts! :D


    If you guys don't like anything about it, feel free to edit the source to make your own creations!

    Though I will do my best to keep the script running/updated for the people who do not write scripts!


    Current Supported Locations:

    • Rouge's Den
    • Nardah
    • Al Kharid

    Supported Food:

    • Anything that is one item, and you can type the name of.




    Current Releases:



    If you guys have any questions, suggestions, or really anything feel free to let me know below! I hope this helps a few writers out!

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    Cannot get this script to work. Tried at Al Kharid with lobsters. Tried with empty bags /bags full of lobsters at the bank; also tried standing infront of the Range with lobsters.

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    Have not checked it out yet but i will soon as i am interested in the coding for rs.... i appreciate people like you that give back to the community open source is very important.


    for people like me i dont learn well of reading how to do code. i learn by viewing other people to understand how it works together, just the way my brain works so i thank you alot for this!!!

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