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    I am using Ganja Woodcutting at the moment and I keep getting banned, it has Anti-Ban on it.

    I bot for around 6 hours per day.

    Whats going wrong?

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    Could be many things. Its hard to say exactly what the problem is. A few of the bigger things to keep in mind


    1. The more people that use a script, the more likely it is that the script will be detected. If you don't want a ban, don't use a free script. Because they're free, they tend to have far more users than paid scripts. Paid scripts can easily get bans too though, so don't think they're 100% safe.
    2. Don't bot tutorial island, and don't drop all of the items you get from tut island once you get out. Bank the items.
    3. Train multiple skills rather than just the one you're botting. I usually purchase at least 2-3 scripts even if I only want to use one. You will have a much lower ban rate on an account that bots 4ish hours a day on one script and then 1-2 on two others than an account that uses a single script for 4 hours per day. 
    4. Do some quests on your bot accounts. It makes it look more like someone is actually playing the account rather than gold farming with it
    5. Use breaks for every script you run. Make them reasonable like a normal human. 
    6. Train your combat level up a bit if you're botting non combat skills.

    There are many other factors to be considered, but these are some of the biggest ones. Woodcutting is one of the highest ban rate skills, so keep that in mind. You will likely never get higher than 70-75 woodcutting before being banned if you're botting with a free script on a f2p account.

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    Its because Anti-Ban isnt antiban its more like hey pls ban me im botting

    Edit: personal opinion

    ^This. Basically, everyone is adding a rng based anti ban that works the same way on all accounts. 


    OT: Woodcutting isn't the best skill to bot, it has a high ban rate. Use a private script and don't bot for too long.

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    private scripts  + a not very used method are the way to go always in botting for big profit in my opinion but it only worth it on large scale due to price of such script/method

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