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    Hi guys and welcome to my thread.

    First off let me say that this is for all types of stuff, not just specifically high IV/CP pokemon. You may be a collector or you may be someone who wants a specific IV pokemon for gym battles.

    Prices can vary based on what you want/how many you want and this can also take possibly a few hours or more depending on spawns.

    An example would be today I have caught x3 pokemon (x2 dragonite 88% IV and x1 snorlax 88% IV) but I have also caught a 2018 CP but only 44% IV tyranitar.

    For one pokemon (80-89% IV) we will be charging $3 (or 90-99 we will charge $5) or 5 pokemon for $12.

    We can mass level you if you're after a specific level, starting from level 1 or even level 10.

    Please note, we cannot catch regional pokemon as they are off limits, but we can get a wide range of things.


    ~ these are just a few of the rare/popular ones, and we can get others at request.

    We also run into quite a few gen 1 pokemon such as - Charizard, blastoise and Venusaur (80-90+ IV average) but we also run into several of the lower forms of them also.

    Egg hatching costs are $1.50 per 2k, $2.30 per 5k, $4.50 per 10k - Please note there will be slight discounts if you're hatching multiples with our service help.

    If you have any questions that you need answering please don't be afraid to PM me or Skype me on Dbuffedwinz - I will answer as soon as possible.

    Terms of Service -

    You accept this may take several attempts or several hours but that varies.

    You accept that it's possible you can be soft banned due to area code changes - We are not responsible, as this is something that happens but goes after 30 minutes or so.

    You understand that you will be paying up front for the work, any loss of pokemon after they are caught are your responsibilities and you will be held accountable for any problems with the payment.

    You accept that you will need some poke balls/great balls/ultra balls and some rasberries for catching.

    For egg hatching you understand that we are not responsible for anything that comes out, we cannot determine what you will receive so you will in no way try claim your money back.

    - By contacting me or trying to purchase off of me (i will request that you post here still) you confirm that you are happily bind to this terms of service contract.

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