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  • Properly stopping a script within onStart, before onLoop is called


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    Calling stop() doesn't prevent the script from continuing to onLoop(). I took a look at setState(ScriptManager.State), but the enum ScriptManager.State apparently isn't accessable (says it is in the API, but doesn't exist when trying to access it). I do not want the script to reach onLoop() after attempting to stop it in onStart().


    I'm working with a JOptionPane which sets some properties for the bot (where to bot, the antiban rate); this pane is displayed when onStart() gets called. If the script user decides to X out of the pane or click cancel, I want to stop the script, before it hits onLoop(). Since I initialize the properties only if the script user clicks accepts (assumg he wants to exit the script on X or cancel), I get a NullPointerException for the properties not being set by the time onLoop() comes around.


    I don't want to initialize the properties if the user clicks cancel or Xs out (doesn't make sense to do so). I want the script to completely exit. I'm working on someone else's script, and the method they used to attempt to stop the script was stop(). I'm looking for a way to manually end the script without it continuing onto the actual processing part (onLoop()). How can I do this?


    I'm sure you guys don't need a code example, but just to be safe: (omitted a lot of things in script owner's respect)

    public void onStart() {
         int choice = /* init JOptionPane */;
         if(choice == JOptionPane.OK_OPTION) {
              //init bot properties
         } else {
              stop(); //stop script completely; don't continue to onLoop

    Couldn't find the answer to this anywhere else, so sorry if it has been asked before

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    Fixed, and will be in the next version, thanks for the report :)

    Ah, was unaware it was an actual problem or I would have posted in the correct section. Thanks for the quick reply
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