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Found 34 results

  1. Information: Created using a private script in the US. Located at the Grand Exchange. Success is on a term to term basis, and is dependent on several things. The integrity of our accounts do not change. Pricing: • 10-99 accounts; 160k each • 100-499 accounts; 150k each • 500-999; 140k each • 1000+; 125k TOS: Buyer will go first. Locked or banned accounts upon login can be replaced within two hours. Discord chat: click here Team: @Almonds @Deus Aureae @Koschei
  2. SCRIPT HIDDEN IN STORE TILL I HAVE TIME TO WORK ON A SOLUTION Video is outdated, new one coming soon tm Features: Completes tutorial island quicker than any of its competitors (average time is between 7 & 8 minutes). GUI to select options Supports quickstart Choose what to do after the account has completed tutorial island Randomised character appearance. Creates new accounts using 2Captcha/Anti Captcha service. You are not forced to create accounts, you can simply run the script to run through tutorial island on an already made account. Human-like Names. Static passwords/randomly generated passwords. Carries on after locks/bans. Supports rotating proxies. Waiting until IP changes to make next account. Script controller mode (BETA) - new cache for every account made by launching new instance of client (using quickstart) for every account. Stops when out of Captcha credit. Flawless Paint Instructions/Requirements: This script is highly complex! If something is not working for you, the issue is most likely due to your settings. If you are having trouble, contact me so I can help you solve them! If you want to only complete the tutorial island on one account, add the account to dreambot and run the script, making sure you select the account in the script panel. Then enter -1 for the number of accounts to create. If you want to create accounts automatically, select no account in the script panel and start the script. Enter the required information in the GUI. Read below for GUI instructions. Decide what captcha service you will use that will solve captchas for you (2Captcha/Anti Captcha) if you want to automatically create accounts. Anti Captcha: http://getcaptchasolution.com/kdjywifp0t . 2Captcha: https://bit.ly/2GhgRwD Anti Captcha is probably overall better at time of writing. Make sure you have Captcha balance if you want the script to automatically create accounts for you. After accounts are created, they are stored in a file in your DreamBot folder / ManlyTutorial. The script will stop once it has finished its task for the one account you specified or until it reaches the limit of accounts to create. It is recommended to use UNFLAGGED proxies for account creation. If your accounts are getting locked, this is why! Rotating IP Instructions: Just bought some rotating IPs to make accounts? Need quick instructions on how to get going? Read on. Enter a big number for the number of accounts to create e.g. 5000 Human like usernames, known/random domains and random passwords of any length you want e.g. 7 Enable IP tracker and the option to restart the process if the IP changes during account creation. Tick the option to carry on after an account is locked/banned. Set the rotation interval of your backend rotator to something sensible (e.g. it takes minimum 9 mins to complete tutorial + create account (latency dependant)). Read how to handle game cache to prevent chain bans in the next section. Things to know: Account names are randomly generated and are human like. Accounts are stored in your DreamBot folder / ManlyTutorial OR where you set the custom path. Script controller is in BETA and only works on Windows based OS's at the moment. If you want a simpler version of this script, why not check out Manly Tutorial Singular ? This script does NOT rotate individual proxies or load accounts from a file. You should create 2-3 accounts per IP per 24 hours. This is why UNFLAGGED proxies are recommended. You need to handle the game cache so that you do not get chain banned. There are two methods of handling game cache. Clearing the contents of random.dat which can be found in your user directory and then setting it to read only. OR Using fresh start in client settings and making sure you create 1 account per cache. GUI Instructions: Quickstart: Beginner's guide to DreamBot quickstart, please read this before asking me for help: All parameter fields need to be filled, regardless of whether you are using them e.g. 10. You can just enter random stuff for parameters you wont be using e.g. "eufiwuefewfwef" for 10 if you aren't on linux. The mode. This is what to do after completing tutorial island. The param entered should be entered exactly as one of the options in the GUI (case sensitive). World hopping. true for enabling world hopping, otherwise false. The number of accounts to create e.g. 30. Your Captcha API Key e.g. anticaptcha:KEY OR 2captcha:KEY The default password for every account created. True if you want it to kill the client once the script has stopped running, otherwise false. True if you want it to display the IP it is using + how many times the IP has changed, otherwise false. True if you want to create accounts with random passwords, otherwise false. The length of the passwords if you are generating random passwords. Path of the DreamBot folder if you are using the script on a linux OS e.g. /root/DreamBot/ (This doesn't actually work but you have to fill this field in. You can just enter a junk value.) When to write the account to the text file. false to write once you have completed tutorial. true to write once the account has been created. Whether to have human like usernames. true or false. Domain type of usernames. 'T' for temp domains, 'K' for known domains, 'R' for random domains, 'C' for custom domains (in format: "C|DOMAIN" where you replace domain with the domain name) (without single quotes ' '). true if you want the script to logout if the IP is not the same as the one used to create the account, otherwise false. true if you want the script to carry on after an account is locked/banned, false if not. true if you want the script to write to a file containing the username:password:rsn of every account created, otherwise false. true if you want the username of every account to be the same as the displayname + domain, otherwise false. This option overrides 12 if this one is true. true if you want to wait until ip changes to make next account, otherwise false. true if you want to wait until ip changes to kill the client once all accounts have been made, otherwise false. Kill client once runtime exceeds x amount of seconds. Format: true|900 if you want it enabled and want to kill client after 900 seconds, otherwise just enter false. true if you want to stop the script once it has failed to create an account 15 times, otherwise false. true if you want the script to write to a file containing the username:password:rsn:ip of every account created, otherwise false. true if you want the script to stop running if it receives the 'too many attempts' login message, otherwise false. Examples: Note: These may not be correct at all times. Accounts to make > 0: Do tut island/mode on specific account: What to do after completing tutorial island: Logout Train at chickens till 30/30/30 Near Lumbridge Mill In Chicken Farm Train at chickens till 30/30/30 In the middle of Falador and Port Sarim. Train at seagulls in Port Sarim till 30/30/30. Walk to GE. Terms & Conditions: Progress Reports: Trials: I don't offer trials for this script Contact: If you need help with anything not on this thread, add me on discord and I can help. My discord: Man16#4811 Price: $14.99 Monthly Purchase here:
  3. Manly Tutorial Singular Looking for a flawless tut script and don't have time to test every single one? Look no further! Features: Completes tutorial island quicker than any of its competitors (average time is between 7 & 8 minutes). Flawless & up to date Supports quickstart Paint Sets display name Instructions: Select an account to run the script for and start OR you can start the script on an account already logged in account and it will finish the tutorial. Things to know: This script only does tutorial island on 1 account. It does NOT create accounts like Manly Tutorial. Script sets display name by using one of the recommended ones! If you like this script, why not check out Manly Tutorial , where you can create unlimited accounts and run them through tut island using 2Captcha. Price: $7.99 Monthly I don't give trials for this script. Purchase here: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/store/product/261-manly-tutorial-singular/
  4. DreamBot's MacOS Guide Step 1) Allow apps from other developers Open the "System Preferences" app: Press "Security & Privacy": Press the lock symbol to allow changes: Check the "App Store and identified developers" option: Step 2) Install Homebrew Install Homebrew by following the instructions at their site or by opening the "Terminal" app and type or copy and paste in this command: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)" This can take a while, be patient. Step 3) Install OpenJDK 8 Open your "Terminal" app again, and type or copy and paste in this command: brew tap AdoptOpenJDK/openjdk After that command finishes, type or copy and paste in this command: brew cask install adoptopenjdk8 This can take a while, and after a while it will ask for your password, so type that in whenever it asks. Finally, type this command to ensure Java 8 is installed correctly: java -version If it's installed correctly, you should see something like this: openjdk version "1.8.0_252" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (AdoptOpenJDK)(build 1.8.0_252-b09) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (AdoptOpenJDK)(build 25.252-b09, mixed mode) Step 4) Run DreamBot Now that Java is installed, you can download our launcher. Once it's downloaded, open your Downloads folder, and right click the DBLauncher file, and press Open. If you don't right click and press Open, your computer will complain that it cannot verify our launcher. You're done! If everything went well, the launcher is now downloading our client and you should be able to launch clients. Thanks for reading, and if you run into any issues let us know!
  5. In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to create a custom Listener plus a simple snippet for a GrandExchangeListener which you can learn and use/modify if you want. DreamBot already provides a bunch of listeners with the default API (InventoryListener, MessageListener for example) which everyone can use and cover a lot of use cases. However, there're specific situations where you might want a custom-made listener to help your script work better and more efficiently. What do they do? On a basic level, they provide you a way to control the flow of your script. They "listen" for changes on a specific piece of data and lets you act immediately on it. For example the MessageListener which comes with the DreamBot API lets you act as soon as you get someone saying something in game chat. This listener is basically checking for new messages and lets you know when there's one. If you want to learn more about Event Listeners afterwards, check the following wiki page about the Observer design pattern. BASIC FRAMEWORK First we are going to need to create a basic framework to write a listener EventInterface.java AbstractEvent.java We are going to need this class for creating listeners. The interface enforces those specific methods to exist and the class will house its own Thread which the listener will run on and some other things like a boolean "run" which can be used to stop the listener if needed Now we are going to make a singleton class to handle any listeners we create ListenerManager.java CREATING THE LISTENER Like I said before, I will be showing an example with the Grand Exchange. The goal is to be able to get a listener that will call back when an item is fully bought or sold We are going to need an Item "Wrapper" in this case since we need to save the state of the item on the Grand Exchange (you might not need it, depends on your listener and what you want to do) It's nothing complex. All we want is to enter a GrandExchangeItem in its constructor and save its info in a separate object (The wrapper in this case). Also need to implement the equals() function because we are going to need it. Since the class is simple, if you use IntelliJ you can get the function generated for you. GrandExchangeItemWrapper.java Now we make the listener interface for the Grand Exchange. This will have the methods which you will have to implement in your AbstractScript. We will want to have the item on the parameters so that we can determine which item got sold and bought, etc... GrandExchangeListener.java This class is the brain of the listener. Here we will add our logic to check for changes and act accordingly. Since the "run()" method executes on a different thread we have to add a "while" loop to keep checking for changes every X milliseconds. Since the Grand Exchange isn't that intensive in timing and actions, I just went with 1000ms sleep. But you might want to lower it if you need it to be updated more often. The way this particular event is working is by creating a "snapshot" of every slot in Grand Exchange, then waiting 1 second and doing it again. Then it checks the differences and anything that isn't the same gets thrown into the "fire(Object params...)" method. Then inside the "fire(Object params...)" we can deal with the items a bit more and determine which are buying orders and sell orders. Which we afterwards just need to call the methods on our GrandExchangeListener "event" interface which was coupled with our AbstractScript in the class Constructor. You should be careful about the "canVerify()" and "shouldStop()" function. You only want to do any difference checking if you can actually get any items from the game, or to put it in other words, your character is online. Also, the listener should only be working as long as the script is running. Otherwise you are going to have a thread running all the time in the background, even if you stop the script. GrandExchangeEvent.java Now to add all this in our AbstractScript! You need to implement the GrandExchangeListener which we created before and have the ListenerManager add the GrandExchangeEvent. Script.java If you compile the JAR, run this and look at the console while buying/selling things off the GE, you can notice it will catch all your offers and tell you the items name. Though you obviously might want to use it for more than this. Before ending this tutorial I need to mention one thing you should avoid doing. Never try to control your Character through the listener methods. I know this example doesn't make much sense. However, if you do this your script will most likely have issues with the mouse and glitch. Only control your character in your onLoop(). What you could do if you want to act on your character with the help of your listener is to have some kind of global boolean variable changed on the listener method and then check for that variable on the onLoop() And that's all, I hope you learned something new! All the files are located on this GitHub Repository
  6. Hashtag

    Scripting 101

    Paint GUI AbstractScript versus TaskScript Feel free to request new tutorials. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
  7. DREAMBOT EASY | SCRIPTING FRAMEWORK SCRIPTING MADE EASY Current Status: Has Inheritance Issues - Will Release updated fix soon. (NOT WORKING) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Please excuse the layout - the spoilers will not seem to work. Open the first one to read the contents. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- What is it:
  8. So the reason I am posting this tutorial guide is because I still get a comments and PM's on the daily people asking how to do specific things so I thought i'd create the post clearing up the basics and other API's just so you new scriptwriters have something to refer back to, and it's also interesting thing to work on in my spare time. Also this hopefully cuts down the use of the support guide by meshing everything into one thread if you have any feed back also please leave it below it would benefit me on what to add on in the long run etc. Firstly to start off this tutorial we've got to explain how to setup the work space for you to begin coding your scripts, this is often really easy if you have setup the script once before but if not this could be found as a tedious and difficult task, most people that I know who are on this thread use one of two things: - IntelliJ: Download Link - Eclipse: Download Link These programs are classed as Java IDE's if you have never coded before in your life I suggest learning the basics and coming back to this thread you can learn Java on the internet these days just by the click of a button so I recommend doing so before installing ONE of these programs. What is an IDE and what does it do? The most blatant and easiest way to explain what an IDE is it's a program that helps you code your programs with multiple integrated actions such as Auto corrector, Error Finders, Text finder and other things to aid you while you begin to script / code. IDE also stands for Integrated Development Environment if you were ever wondering if I have gone in enough detail you can learn more about it on the wiki page here: - IDE Wiki Link Installing IntelliJ: Installing IntelliJ IDE on your computer is simple, navigate to the website link I have left above: Click The Download that the red arrow is pointing to, to download the IntelliJ IDE If you are needing to change extension because of whatever reason you are not using windows or other operating systems that support the .exe extension you can choose it to your main supported file extension here! You can then open the file the and run the setup the same way you would with any other program found on the internet that you have installed. Install Eclipse IDE: The Eclipse IDE is a tiny bit more complicated but still rather easy to understand, Click on the link above and you will be navigated to this web page here: You can download the launcher here and then just run it like every other setup! The other Packages supporting different Operating Systems can be found at the "Download Packages" link, The installers can be found here: You then open the setup and run the installer when you get to the page of packages install the Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers which can be found here: Click the Install and Leave it to Install but also Agree to the TOS that usually shows half way through the installation! after that start up the Eclipse IDE and create a work space and either choose your file path or just leave it how it is and create it and leave it to load the IDE. In here is all you need to know about setting up your scripts as it this is one of the most vital parts about your scripts as it implements the Dream bot API: Right-Click on the Package Explorer hover over the new and click the "Java Project" you will be greeted with a GUI with a bunch of features but don't be worried by it. This is going to be the main area where you are going to make your script Choose a name for your folder of your script and click finish. Once we have done this we need to Reference the Dream bot Client.jar because that's what holds the API scripts and methods etc. we do this by right clicking on the newly made java project and go down to build path and hover over it and click on "Add External Archives" then find the client.jar on the Dream bot this is found in the C:/users/(ComputersName)/DreamBot/BotData/Client.jar And now we need to make a Class in the src package of our Java Project we do this by doing it the same way as we added the Java project Folder in the First place by right clicking on the Src and hover over new and click on Class and give it a name like "Main" or something and then click Finish. This will give you a new view on the middle of your screen with some text looking like this public class YourScriptsName { } We want to change this to access the API Scripts we do this by extending it to a Dream bot Abstract script, Replace your code with this. import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; public class Main extends AbstractScript { } If you are using IntelliJ I followed this Youtube video by a member on the Website if anyone knows who he is I'll give him a Shout out on the thread for the video! We can now get to Scripting! Firstly We also want to add a Category Manifest at the top of our script just to explain the name of the person who made the script and what the script does and what version is it on and so on and so fourth, we can resolve this but add the top of your script above the main class file add this: @ScriptManifest(author = "Poly", name = "Potato Picker", version = 2, description = "This script helps you pick potatoes.", category = Category.MAGIC) This will be placed just above where we implemented the Dream bot API like this: import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; @ScriptManifest(author = "Change-this-to-your-name", name = "Change-to-name-of-your-script", version = 2, description = "Change-to-description-of-what-your-bot-does!", category = Category.MONEYMAKING) public class Main extends AbstractScript { } The script category can be changed at the end to any skill you want you can find these scripts by backspacing all the letters just past the period and then re-add the period it will show you all general categories your script can be about! we also need to add the imports: import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; At the top of your script where the Abstract Script import is. We also need to add some public voids into our script we add them but just typing in between the two parenthesis that is found on Main Extends Abstract Script like so: import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; @ScriptManifest(author = "Change-this-to-your-name", name = "Change-to-name-of-your-script", version = 2, description = "Change-to-description-of-what-your-bot-does!", category = Category.MONEYMAKING) public class Main extends AbstractScript { @Override public void onStart() { } @Override public int onLoop() { return 600; } @Override public void onExit() { } } The Public int onLoop() HAS to have return 600; (or any other amount) in it because it's a public int which is unlike all the other voids We now need to add a log on when the script started in the OnStart() method to explain in the debug console that the Script has started we do this by adding: public void OnStart() { log("Script has now Started!"); } I also like to add a little flare to my log scripts just because I can like this: public void onStart() { log("-----------------------PolyAutoScript----------------------"); log("Starting PolyAutoScript Script..."); log("The script is currently in it's Early Release!"); log("So if there is any bugs I recommend posting them to"); log("The PolyAutoScripter Thread, Thank you!"); log("------------------------------------------------------------------"); } But that is your own choice if you do so or not. We also can add one on the OnExit() method this can explain when the script is ending or stopping in the Debug Console we do this like this: public void onExit() { log("----------------------------------------------------"); log(" Stopped PolyAutoScript..."); log("----------------------------------------------------"); } I also fancied mine up like this because of the blatant fact of cause I can in this one. from here is where we started coding whatever script we are doing, I am not going to code a full script in this thread I am just going to add how to add API's in-depth such as auto casting or how to use widgets etc. this will help guide you through without issues hopefully on how to use them. I will Implement a lot more shortly! If you are planning on making private scripts to bot heavily I recommend buying a private proxy as if you bot with your account on a day to day basis you will be found and banned and if you are not using one of these proxies your IP will be flagged and it is never nice knowing that the Jagex team are checking up on your new accounts ensuring you are a botter equalling in faster bans on different accounts. I am going to enter two methods of getting proxies to help ensure longer account survival and less chance of your IP getting logged. Method #1: You can buy multiple proxies from different websites really cheaply over the internet what we are looking for is a IPV4 SOCKS Proxy for the proxy to work on Dream bot and mostly other bots if you are using those - which I highly recommend sticking to Dream bot for that premium beauty shout-out Dreambot Aha - You can buy these proxies at websites like: Proxy6.net These are nice cheap proxies with good ping times meaning you won't ensure a lot of lag in your botting times you can also get a percentage off using the referral code: "Eduardino" For 5% off your purchases from the botting Youtuber: Eduardino I recommend you watch for all your botting needs! Method #2: This one is a little more in-depth so you are better off focusing on buying a proxy instead but if you don't have the money to buy one you can always use this method here: 1. Go To the Website: Google Console Developers 2. Create a new Account on the page 3. Create a New Project once in your account 4. Once that is complete you can create a VPS by going on the side menu and clicking "Compute" then VM instances 5. Choose the region close to you! 6. Make sure you select 13GB 2 Core Processor. Which can be found here: Screenshot Link 7. Then wait a Minute or 2 as the VM instance creates itself. 8. Then click "Connect RDP" Button 9. Wait a Couple of seconds and once you are connected go to Internet Explorer and Download Firefox as it has no Security Options or Disable the Internet Security Options on the Internet Options Tab on the Browser and then Install Java and the DreamBot Launcher and use it like normal. This will have a new IP and one that cannot be traced back to you, you can also use this method to run RSPS's and other methods as it is a free VPS all you need it you Credit Card Details (It won't Automatic Charge you after Trial is up) this should give you a few months of botting time until you redo the process to get it for free again at a later date. I hope that was easy enough to understand for you guys!
  9. Buying tutorial island accounts!! Only trusted users pm me skype or discord: Skype: deizyra Discord: Dollar#1429
  10. I have written this word document while learning some of the bits of java. It has "nice" examples with color coding for easier view. Some examples are taken from Telusko java tut series on youtube. Also recommend watching his tutorials and also thenewboston channel (they are top of the top imo). Now I just use it as a reminder if I forget java mechanics. It touches: inheritance, abstraction, interfaces, generics, enums. All of this are essential to undestanding the dreambot api imo If there is a mistake I made in it please correct me so there is no misinformation. Hope it comes useful for someone JavaExamples.odt
  11. This is not designed to be fully exhaustive with respect to the following topics, but merely to address them or give an example to those who are new to scripting or programming in general. Without further ado let’s look into these object-oriented programming concepts one by one. We will use general Java code examples so that you know how to implement OOPS concepts and can apply them to scripts you create. Core OOPS concepts are: Abstraction Encapsulation Polymorphism Inheritance Association Aggregation Composition Abstraction At a higher level, Abstraction is a process of hiding the implementation details and showing only functionality to the user. It only indicates important things to the user and hides the internal details, ie. While sending SMS, you just type the text and send the message. Here, you do not care about the internal processing of the message delivery. Abstraction can be achieved using Abstract Class and Abstract Method in Java. Encapsulation Encapsulation is the technique used to implement abstraction in object-oriented programming. Encapsulation is used for access restriction to class members and methods. Access modifier keywords are used for encapsulation in object-oriented programming. For example, encapsulation in java is achieved using private, protected and public keywords. Polymorphism Polymorphism is the concept where an object behaves differently in different situations. There are two types of polymorphism – compile time polymorphism and runtime polymorphism. Compile time polymorphism is achieved by method overloading. For example, we can have a class as below. public class Circle { public void draw(){ System.out.println("Drwaing circle with default color Black and diameter 1 cm."); } public void draw(int diameter){ System.out.println("Drwaing circle with default color Black and diameter"+diameter+" cm."); } public void draw(int diameter, String color){ System.out.println("Drwaing circle with color"+color+" and diameter"+diameter+" cm."); } } Here we have multiple draw methods but they have different behavior. This is a case of method overloading because all the methods name is same and arguments are different. Here compiler will be able to identify the method to invoke at compile time, hence it’s called compile time polymorphism. Runtime polymorphism is implemented when we have “IS-A” relationship between objects. This is also called as method overriding because subclass has to override the superclass method for runtime polymorphism. If we are working in terms of superclass, the actual implementation class is decided at runtime. Compiler is not able to decide which class method will be invoked. This decision is done at runtime, hence the name as runtime polymorphism or dynamic method dispatch. Shape is the superclass and there are two subclasses Circle and Square . package com.db.test; public interface Shape { public void draw(); } package com.db.test; public class Circle implements Shape{ @Override public void draw(){ System.out.println("Drwaing circle"); } } package com.db.test; public class Square implements Shape { @Override public void draw() { System.out.println("Drawing Square"); } } Inheritance Inheritance is the object oriented programming concept where an object is based on another object. Inheritance is the mechanism of code reuse. The object that is getting inherited is called superclass and the object that inherits the superclass is called subclass. We use extends keyword in java to implement inheritance. class AbstractScript { public void foo(){ System.out.println("AbstractScript"); } } class SubClass extends AbstractScript{ public void bar(){ System.out.println("SubClass"); } } public class Test { public static void main(String args[]){ SubClass a = new SubClass(); a.foo(); a.bar(); } } Association It defines that one object has reference of the other. In other words, we can say relationship between two classes defined by their objects. Associativity could be of type one to one, one to many, many to one or many to many. In the following example, we define address of an Employee using Address class object. It defines Aggregation between Employee and Address. In other words, Employee "HAS-A" Address. This kind of relationship is called "HAS A" relationship. class Employee{ String empName; Address empAdress; int empAge; Employee(String empName, Address empAddress, int empAge){ this.empName = empName; this.empAddress = empAddress; this.empAge = empAge; } } class Address{ String city; String landmark; String societyName; Address(String city, String landmark, String societyName){ this.city = city; this.landmark = landmark; this.societyName = societyName; } } Aggregation Aggregation is a special type of association. In aggregation, objects have their own life cycle but there is an ownership. Whenever we have “HAS-A” relationship between objects and ownership then it’s a case of aggregation. Composition Composition is a special type of Aggregation. Unlike Aggregation, It is more of a restrictive relationship between two classes. If composition of an Object A contains another Object B then if A does not exist, B can not have it’s existence. For this example, A Company contains number of Employee, Employee can not exist if there is no Company. This relationship is a Composition between Company and Employee. class Company{ String companyName; String CEOName; int numberOfEmp; ArrayList<Employee> empList; Company(String companyName, String CEOName, int numOfEmp, ArrayList<Employee>){ this.companyName = companyName; this.CEOName = CEOName; this.numOfEmp = numOfEmp; this.empList = empList; } } class Employee{ String empName; Address empAdress; int empAge; Employee(String empName, Address empAddress, int empAge){ this.empName = empName; this.empAddress = empAddress; this.empAge = empAge; } }
  12. Looking to buy some aged tutorial island accounts that were created w proxys. discord = b4nds#8191
  13. Hello, I'm selling tutorial complete accounts. Pricing: 1-50: 95k, 50-200: 85k 200-1000: 75k 1000+: 70k Regarding prices with cryptos and their types, please contact me. Contact: Skype: live:theblurper (I am more available through skype) Discord: TheBlurper#2654 Quality: I use 300-400 of these accounts daily myself and haven't run into any problems. Information: Accounts have human-ish names and emails (no randomly generated letter sequences) Cooled down for 7 days (then re-checked for locks/bans) I will not help you recovering the accounts as I do not store any information about them other than the login details. You can contact me regarding bans on any of the accounts and if they happened BEFORE the sell date, I will refund you/give you new accounts for each account that is banned BEFORE the sell date. (I cannot check WHEN has the been locked, so different terms apply to that) If you report any LOCKED accounts to me withing 6 hours of your purchase, I will refund you/give you new accounts for each account that is locked. I am not responsible for any locks/bans on the accounts after the dates mentioned above. Trading: I will go first to people I deem trusted, otherwise you go first or we use a MM at YOUR expense.
  14. Level 3 Tutorial Accounts: Pricing: 1-49: 100k 50+: 80k Account information: Accounts have unregistered emails, usernames and passwords are picked to appear as human as possible. Accounts are rested for at least 7 days then went through vigorous checks for locks/bans. Any account locked or banned on first login can be requested for replacement within one week of purchase. Accepted payment: OSRS GP, PP, BTC, ETH, LTC Contact info: Discord: jb#4778 Skype:
  15. Verified Accounts Shop ​ Tired of your accounts getting locked? Want to start a gold farm but don't have accounts with 7 quest points for quick trading? ​ The accounts will have: Seven quest points A verified email address, unique address for each account (Email account included in purchase, different mail providers used) The accounts are made on premium residential proxies with private scripts that have built in anti-ban features, with random profiling. These accounts almost never get locked, but even if they do you can unlock them with your verified email address in seconds. Usernames and account appearance are randomized to look like regular accounts. Price: 120k (per account) Minimum order: 20 accounts Currently accept PayPal and RSGP (Fee of 0.30$ for PayPal orders) My Contact information ​ Skype: Verifd.Accs Terms Of Service We are not responsible if your accounts get banned after the purchase and will not issue any refunds. You may have to show a valid ID and a verified PayPal screenshot during the purchase. You will have to pay for the accounts before you receive them (You can receive some accounts before the transaction to verify their legitimacy) If your account gets locked and the email address is somehow banned we will issue a refund or an account replacement for said account.​
  16. Thought this one deserved its own thread.
  17. Selling Tutorial island Accounts Payment method Osrs Gold : 150k Each acc Paypal : 0.15$ Each acc Accounts in stock 20 Will Restock on Request
  18. So I am trying to fish but it doesnt seem to want to work, never done a fishing script before so not sure how to find a fishing spot if its a entity or a gameobject. This is what I have so far and it finds a spot but it wont start fishing, thats because Im not telling it to but it doesnt even get to the log("IT WORKS RUN TO IT BOY!"); part. It just keeps looping through log("Found a new one!"); What am I doing wrong here and what is the proper way of doing this? log("Looking for the closest fishing spot"); //this will find the closest game object that isn't null (it's fishable) and whose name equals Fishing spot. Call this using nodes or in a method in your loop so that it is updated in real time. GameObject spot = getGameObjects().closest(i -> i != null && i.getID() == 1530); log("Found a fishing spot!"); //log(String.valueOf(spot.getTile())); //prints the not-null fishing spot's tile to the debug console. if (!spot.isOnScreen()) { log("The spot is not in screen!"); GameObject newSpot = getGameObjects().closest(i -> i != null && i.getID() == 1530); log("Found a new one!"); if (newSpot.isOnScreen()){ log("IT WORKS RUN TO IT BOY!"); } } else { //put your fishing method here. log("IT WORKS RUN TO IT BOY!"); }
  19. so sleepUntil.. let's say I ahve this //If the player is fishing. if (getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == 621) { //sleep until te player is idle or 2000 sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == -1, 2000); } If 2 seconds pass will it run the if (getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == 621) again? Or just keep moving down to the next line of code?
  20. Hello! My accounts keep getting locked after finishing/while on tutorial island! Here is the full story: First of all i am using the Fixed Tutorial island script from rokaHakur. The weird things is,when i do it from my workplace,with the same laptop, i am using the same script,so basically everything is the same,only the ISP isn't and accounts are not getting locked,lasting 10h+ on suicide botting. However when i try from home,the accounts are getting locked immediately after tutorial,if not still on the island. At home i sold gold for money,so i got banned for RWT trading.When i try with VPN/proxy accounts still get locked.From work,no need for vpn and proxy accounts are doing good. At home i have a modem from UPC ,is it possible that the modems MAC got flagged? I am out of ideas. Could someone give me some tips?Has this happened to anybody else? Thanks!
  21. This video is aimed at people new to botting that would want to start using dreambot.
  22. Hello, About the accounts: Each account is made on a unique IP address. Accounts have been cooled down for 4-7 days to avoid bans. Names/emails are created using real words. Lock rate on first login is below 3%. Pricing: DURING THE FIRST WEEK I WILL GIVE YOU 10% EXTRA ACCOUNTS FOR EACH PURCHASE! THE DISCOUNTED PRICE WILL BE APPLIED FOR 2 WEEKS! 1-50 accounts: 75k 70k ea 50-200 accounts: 70k 65k ea 200-500 accounts: 65k 60k ea 500+ accounts: 60k 55k ea I currently only accept RSGP. Other payment methods will be available later on. Contact: Skype: live:runoutrssales Terms: ​If any of the accounts are locked on purchase (I will check if they were), I will replace the accounts 1:1 (one new account for one locked). Accounts that have already been used (banned after the trade date) will not be refunded in any way. Reselling the accounts is forbidden. You will not ask me to do anything with the registration IP (attempting to recover the account, etc.). I have the right to refuse any business.
  23. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The accounts are not locked or banned upon purchase. Once sold I cannot help you recover any account as I don't store any information. Please save the accounts when you receive them as I will delete them from my database. Happy botting . I personally use these for my p2p farm(hunter) and f2p farm and create more to sell. 6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account Tutorial Island: 50 minimum, 20 cents ea 7 QP: 40 cents ea 7. The methods of payment you are accepting 07 GP / BTC / PP 8. Your trading conditions You first, or a MM of choice. 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address (See below for more details) I am Original Owner of them all. STOCK: Tutorial: 5000 7 QP: out Feel free to PM me. Skype: rob.vc
  24. paying 2m for all 20
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