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Found 3 results

  1. Hoodz


    HoodzSlayer Features Slayer - Slayer masters: Turael & Nieve (Steve) - Virtual tasks, allows you to kill your own selected NPCs! - Automatically chooses the best NPCs - Will skip unsupported tasks - Option to skip metal dragon tasks Combat - Special attack support - Advanced combat logic for every task - Combat style swapping - Looting - Protection prayer support Gear - Customisable - Auto detects needed gear for special tasks (no need to add them yourself, because it will replace the slots) - Armour state checking - Barrows armour repairing - Trident/blowpipe recharging Health - Guthans - Bones to peaches - Saradomin godsword - Food - Boosting potions - Restoration potions - Auto detects pools in POH GUI - Easy to use GUI - Informative - Load & save profiles for faster loading Paint - General paint for information such as combat and slayer xp - Interactive - Loot list, a quick way to discover your GP gains - Setting tab to check your settings Stats - Follow your progress of your account - Tracks: combat & slayer xp, money made, time run, tasks completed - http://www.pumba.org/users.php Support - Frequently updated - Private message me for any bugs - Fast bug fixing/features added - Always up for suggestions! The future - Vannaka is going to be added very soon (currently disabled) - Bone burying - Alch support - Herb sack support - Armour repairing/recharging support - Superior NPCs - Cancelling tasks - World hopping - All of these features can be added easily thanks to the script framework! Requirements Teleports - House required - Mounted glory in house required (if requested I can add non-mounted glory too) NOTE: might actually work without glory - Nardah teleport scrolls - Mos'le harmless teleport scrolls (only for Cave horrors) - Elf camp teleport (only for Elves) - Slayer ring (optional) (dark beasts requires this) - Trollheim teleport (only for spiritual creatures task) - Kourend teleport (only for lesser/greater/black demons) OR Xerics talisman - Battlefront teleport for hydra, drakes and wyrms - Xeric's talisman (optional) - Necklace of passage (only for desert lizards) - Lunar isle teleport scrolls (OR lunar isle teleport in house) - Piscatoris teleport scrolls (only for kraken task) - If you don't have the following portals in your house you need to have these tabs: Varrock, lumbridge, falador, camelot - Teleports with redirections are optional - Ring of duelings - Games necklaces - Spirit tree (optional) (need to have glory in house!) - Brimhaven teleports (if no glory) - House teleports - Fenkenstrain’s castle teleports (if no slayer rings and no kharyll portal in your house) Slayer items - Leaf bladed battleaxe - Rock hammer - Spiny helmet (replacable with slayer helmet) - Nose peg (replacable with slayer helmet) - Earmuffs (replacable with slayer helmet) - Ice coolers - Witchwood icon - Facemask (replacable with slayer helmet) - Boots of stone Other items - Lightsource: Bullseye lantern (be sure its lit) - Anti dragon shield (OR dfs) - Elemental shield (wyverns) - Antidote++ potions - Extended antifire potions - Slayer gem (or ring/slayer helmet) - Shantay passes - Food Instructions Start the script with a slayer helmet/enchanted gem/slayer ring and some house tabs Close to a bank for best results Before selecting gear/prayers for npcs, select your master or npcs first! (otherwise they will be reset) Superiors are not supported Tzhaar & lizardman are currently not supported Notes Requirements will be update frequently DISABLE all warnings at doomsayer in lumbridge Bronze/iron/steel dragons require a one time payment of 5k trading sticks at Banisoch http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Banisoch All tasks will be completed at slayer only areas if possible Not all tasks are supported right now, block them if possible Gargoyles need auto smasher enabled for now Media More tutorials/media will be uploaded soon Discord Private message me for rank: https://discord.gg/xafBmZs Its possible to request for trials now, visit the discord and request it in the channel called: trial-requests.
  2. Xephy's Gargoyle Slayer - $4.99 What it does: This script kills gargoyles using the slayer skill's auto rock hammer ability for insane GP/H. - Supports salve graveyard teleport tabs and kharyrll teleport tabs to bank. - Supports SGS spec, Super attack/strengths, Super combats. - Intelligent break handling - Supports Guthans - Supports alching Requirements: - 75 slayer - Decent combat level - Desert treasure completed* (only when using kharyll teleports) - Auto Rock-hammer slayer unlock - Nose peg or Slayer helmet Instructions: - If alching items: Bring sufficient nature & fire runes & ensure that the maximum alch value is over 100k (right click alch button) - If using guthans: Make sure it isn't close to breaking - Have a ring of wealth equipped (Ensure "Coin looting" is toggled "ON") - Start the script with your intended gear equipped - Start the script with Nose peg or Slayer helmet in your inventory - Have enough teleports in your inventory to sustain yourself. It will NOT grab teleports. Inventory example below: Purchase here Any bugs found can be reported in this discord channel: https://discord.gg/9csKjas Script Review: Proggies: Update log: Message me on discord for more active responses! *Trials will be given at my discretion*
  3. Hoodz

    HoodzSlayer [DEV]

    HoodzSlayer DEV thread this thread is under construction Introduction As some of you might know i've been working on this script for quite some time, its getting close to the release and I want you guys to help me finish this script. Features All slayer tasks from the masters: Turael, Vannakka, Nieve and "Virtual" Can run custom npcs with the "Virtual slayer master" Inventory handling + banking Automatically handles wearing the correct gear for a task + custom gear for every npc Informative paintMainRuntime, slayer + cb xp gained and task information LootMoney made (all tasks combined) Loot list with item names and money made per item SettingsSome information about your settings Combat featuresSpecial attacksArmadyl godsword Crystal halberd Dragon battleaxe Dragon halberd Dragon longsword Dragon dagger Dragon mace Excalibur Saradomin godsword Saradomin sword Toxic blowpipe HealingBones to peaches Guthans Saradomin godsword special Food Potion supportBoostsAttack potion Combat potion Ranging potion Super attack potion Super combat potion ProtectionsAntidote++ Extended antifire potion RestoresPrayer potion Restore potion Super restore LootingPredefined loot lists Optical optionsGem looting Big bones looting Dragonhide/bones looting Ensouled head looting Custom combat logic for certain npcs Combat style switching Big bones burying Smart traveling methodsTeleportsHousePortals (Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Camelot, Kharyll, Ardougne, Lunar Isle, Fishing guild) JewelryMounted glory (Edgeville, Karamja, Draynor village, Al kharid) JewelryGames necklace (Burthorpe, Barbarian outpost, Wintertodt camp) Ring of duelling (Al kharid duel arena, Castle wars arena, Clan wars arena) Slayer ring (optical) (Stronghold slayer cave, Morytania slayer tower, Rellekka slayer caves) Teleport tabsElf camp teleport Mos le' harmless teleport Trollheim teleport Lunar isle (if not in house) Kourend teleport Piscotaris teleport Custom added web nodes Dungeon/caves connection support StatsStats is a website that shows basic information about the dreambot user like combat, slayer xp gained, time ran, money made and tasks completed. (NO runescape account information is send) Media (more media coming very soon) [VIDEO] [/VIDEO] TODO Bug fixing Add missing tasks Update this thread Suggestions Comment below for a suggestion! Option to loot champion/clue scrolls Renaming armour sets in GUI already done SEARCHING FOR BUG TESTERS (script is ready for testing) Requirements CB 85+ Slayer helmet House with some portals https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/9120-hoodzslayer-beta/#entry85345
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