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Found 32 results

  1. DOVIS GOLD SHOP Selling OSRS Gold $0.62-0.63/m (contact for current rate) (BTC, ETH, Skrill, Revolut, PayPal) Better rates for bigger trades and loyal customers! Get one mil extra for every 100m.Skype: live:bd9c2f85a33e85a8 Discord: DovisGold#3723UID: 569672499537903616Over 100B traded on different marketplaces Feel free to ask for my vouches Make sure to ask for a PM before any transactions
  2. DOVIS GOLD SHOP Buying OSRS gold $0.55-0.57/m BTC, ETH, PayPal, Skrill, Revolut Better rates for bigger trades and loyal customers! Skype: live:bd9c2f85a33e85a8 Discord: DovisGold#3723 UID: 569672499537903616Over 100B traded on different marketplaces. Feel free to ask for my vouches Make sure to ask for a PM before any transactions
  3. How to enter: 1. Click on the Giveaway image 2. Follow Gleam.io's tasks and get free entries every day 3. Join our discord from the link in my Signature
  4. Selling 100m at the rate of .88 (willing to negotiate slightly) to build reputation ONLY. There is no BS here just looking for solid, trustworthy buyers, that will purchase our overflow GOLD. BTC, ETH, LTC are the payment options.
  5. Hi guys, been around a while possibly a new account here. So I recently got banned, which is fine as it's just for the day, but I was wondering. If I get covert mode via buying VIP will I still run a higher risk of being banned if I bot on that account? I've started a new account and have been using tunnel bear VPN as I can't afford to fork put for a proxy everytime they IP flag me. Any help appreciated
  6. Hello! My accounts keep getting locked after finishing/while on tutorial island! Here is the full story: First of all i am using the Fixed Tutorial island script from rokaHakur. The weird things is,when i do it from my workplace,with the same laptop, i am using the same script,so basically everything is the same,only the ISP isn't and accounts are not getting locked,lasting 10h+ on suicide botting. However when i try from home,the accounts are getting locked immediately after tutorial,if not still on the island. At home i sold gold for money,so i got banned for RWT trading.When i try with VPN/proxy accounts still get locked.From work,no need for vpn and proxy accounts are doing good. At home i have a modem from UPC ,is it possible that the modems MAC got flagged? I am out of ideas. Could someone give me some tips?Has this happened to anybody else? Thanks!
  7. Need socks5 proxys, payment metod osrs gold, a trusted seller pls Discord: Victoor#3278
  8. campyder

    CB 100 Sale

    Quest points: 107 for more info pm me Payment method will be done with OSRS GP no middle man needed if ur trusted no previous owner im the creator of the account You can send me offers on discord or on forums pm or down below Discord: CampyDer #0361
  11. Selling OSRS Gold for BTC or Paypal* Rate can vary depending on amount and method ~$0.95-1.01/m PayPal orders are subject to my discretion and I may refuse high-risk transactions. Contact me to discuss any further details or quotes MrIsmaelGold#1545
  12. Selling OSRS Gold for BTC or Paypal* Rate can vary depending on amount and method ~$0.98-1.04/m PayPal orders are subject to my discretion and I may refuse high-risk transactions. Contact me to discuss any further details or quotes MrIsmaelGold#1545
  13. pm me for discord
  14. Stats of the account Account status (bans, mutes) Login screen Quests (completed) Cook's Assistant Imp Catcher Vampire slayer Fight arena Fishing contest The grand tree Lost city Tree gnome village Waterfall Quest Started on Recipe for disaster ( it has rock cake ) Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) Every item in the bank as well as the inventory will come with the account + 5 days of membership left, as of 04/10/2017 Minimum bid (price to start bids) $25 Autowin $82 Payment method Bitcoin, Ethereum, 07 gp, rs3 gp, sdmm gp, amazon/ebay/aliexpress giftcard Trading conditions (middleman) We will use a middleman if you do not wish to go first. Previous owners (if any) I am the OO
  16. 1m = $1! Pm for Discord! Just Started but I have super great review from a top seller in these forms! ALMOND!
  17. STATUS OFFLINE Selling OSRS gold// 0.93 per M // BTC // READ TERMS!!! STEINLA 0.93$ / M Contact Me FB: m.me/steinrmrz :/: Discord: wolfgangstein#3937 Min amount to buy 10M Payment Methods Bitcoin Ethereum NOTE: My TERMS! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. We will not sell gold to any one with no reputation on forum 2. We will go first always if your feedback is totally clean and green!. 3. Once traded it's not our responsability what happens with the gold 4. Once traded there is no way back. 5. If you think you are not safe buying to us please do not even think in asking to us. 6. We will just support to gently users! 7. Do not come to ruin feedbacks please! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. I have been searching the internet for the legality of owning a goldfarm of multiple bots and then selling the gold you farm. It seems to be a legal gray area. From what i know you are def breaking jagex's TOS but there is no legal precedent or actual laws against selling/farming gold in the usa. what are your thoughts? (hope im in the right forum section)
  19. Have you watched? Thoughts on the Botting / Goldfarming portions? Was interesting to me.
  20. Hi guys, I need help for level up prayer skills cheap and fast method possible please my level now its 24 but i need get 45
  21. Hello guys, I needs urs help with my acct main, never muter or ban. Created sinse 2009 also has in runescape 3 another player
  22. Amounts and prices are negotiable! *Add me on Skype: RATGOLD if interested↓ Amount you want to buy : What payment option : Your Skype(optional)
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