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Found 11 results

  1. Why choose this script ? 3 Dream methods: Absorption , Prayer & Combined Will buy new potions if barrels are running low Will restock from the barrels/bank Smart trackers on the paint Wil re-enter a dream Easy UI for setup How to start ? Have a selection of NPC's pre-set in the dream menu and have entered once before. Start preferable near NMZ or on the rs ground floor level Have coins in your coffer Proggy: Signature: Get you're own by adding: http://nexscripting.com/users/YOUR_USER&script=nmz.png In your signature. Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
  2. I need a script for NMZ quests. Can anyone help me out? Can pay with PP or BTC.
  3. SDN version: 1.1.1 Please carefully read this post. It contains important information about the antiban. Enable fresh start in the client settings to avoid cache issues. Supported NMZ methods: Food. Prayer potions. Absorptions. Rock cake. 1 tick prayer flicking. *Please note that 1 tick prayer flicking depends on your connection and it will take time for the bot to resync with the game tick. It's sometimes hard for the bot to sync on hard mode with low defence/hp. It also heavily depends on the world you're in (check the OSRS wiki for more information). This method is not perfect and is not recommended, but sometimes it's a good way to get started. Example of 1 tick prayer flicking: Settings and features: Ability to save and load settings. Ranged and melee combat styles (I will add magic if I get enough requests). 5 combat methods. 4 NMZ modes (normal, hard, customisable normal and hard). Supports all the spots (all the corners and center). The bot will buy potions if needed. Abiltiy to stop the script after X amount of rounds. Ability to stop the script after X minutes. Overload potions. Ranging/combat/super combat potions. 3 power ups (recurrent damage, zapper, power surge). Ability to leave at max points. Bonecrusher and holy wrench support. Rapid HP prayer flicking for absorption and rock cake methods to stay on 1 HP. Ability to generate preferences based on the account seed. Special attack support (let me know if I am missing a weapon). The bot will add coins to the coffer if needed. Customisable seeded antiban. Important information about the antiban can be found below. The script uses my new API, which has slightly different interactions built in. Minigames teleport. How to start the bot: Make sure that your account meets the NMZ requirements. For customisable modes only: preselect the NPCs. For Prayer flicking/potions methods only: preset quick prayers. Gear up your character Set the bot up using the GUI. You can start the script anywhere as long as you have unlocked the NMZ minigame teleport. Quickstart: Accepts 1 param - the profile name (case sensitive). Antiban: The antiban is seeded and will be different on every account. It's purpose (combined with the preferences) is to avoid chain bans. You can customise the antiban. Drag the slider to the left to disable an antiban. If the slider value is set to max the antiban will be 100% enabled. WARNING! If "Change attack styles" is enabled the bot will switch attack styles. If you're running the script on a pure or don't want the bot to switch attack styles, disable it. Gallery: Post your proggy here or PM me and I'll add it to the gallery . @Randum 92 hours (with breaks). @Adhedonia 24 hour trial: Upvote this post by clicking the button below . Post that you have upvoted. Change logs:
  5. I'd love to get a script that can build up combat and prepare an account for NMZ and do all quests in there! Can pay with BTC or PP, however you like.
  6. WillDB

    [S] NMZ Accounts

    NMZ Levelled and Quested Accounts. CURRENT STOCK: 3 All accounts come with a minimum of 70 att, 60 str/def and all quests required to run MTD NMZ. *Accounts may come with higher combat stats *Some accounts may come with some days of membership, but I cannot guarantee membership on every account. 1. Pictures of the account stats A Minimum of: 2. Pictures of the login details 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) None 4. Pictures of the quests completed 5. The price you will be starting bids at 20m 6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 30m 7. The methods of payment you are accepting OSRS GP 8. Your trading conditions Buyer goes first, or we use a trusted Middleman 9. Pictures of the account status 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address All accounts bought at level 3. No Email set.
  7. Nidge

    NMZ Service

    Hey guys. I'll be aiming to max my account in nmz, so I've got some free slots. Will be doing roughly 8 - 10hrs / day, spaced throughout the morning (before I go to work) and at night (when I go to sleep) to help avoid bans . Don't think I need any access to bank in order to enter the dreams (will check soon and edit post), so in regards to gear and stuff, whatever you want to leave on the account I can use. You can also stock up on ovls / absorbs before giving me the account to make it easier. Can train: Attack Strength Defence Range Mage Let me know if you're interested.
  8. I will be training accounts that will have : 5 Quests: Vampire Slayer Lost City Fight Arena Tree Gnome Village The Grand Tree Stats: 70 attack, 70 strength and 70 defence My team and I will be training the accounts by hand so that it is NMZ ready. It will cost 30m / account, we will supply the bond and the supplies to complete the account in the bond time. The account will be completed at the end of the bond time, we will activate the bond when the account is ready to start. You shall pay the 30m first and then we will start the account. All the accounts are hand made by my team and I. Terms Of Service: The Service will start once the payment is completed. You must pay 30m per account. You shall not change the username or password whilst training is in progress. You shall not go onto the account whilst training is in progress. I am not responsible for any bans the account gets on the account. Skype: Franciis Discord: Frannnaldo#9615 Please message me on skype if you are interested in the service.
  9. Hey guys i need nmz quests done on about 10-20 accounts I don't care if its botted or not aslong as we can work out a good price Please fill in this format if intressted How long would 10 accounts take you?: What minimum requirements would the accounts need and what would it cost to do it from Tut done: What price do you charge for each account: Do you have any vouchers/feedbacks for this kind of service: What type of payment plan would you want: Would you want paypal/BTC/Osrs:
  10. hey guys il slowly be working on a nmz script any suggestions for features you want in it? (please don't suggest the most standard things) Accepted suggestions so far: Guthan mode (anti-logout) Possible accepted suggestions: Support for buying items with points Current gui: http://prntscr.com/goardu
  11. sp45

    NON-BOT Services

    Offering Non-Bot Services for mains or just for people who don't want to get their account banned. My rep is low so I will definetly find a trusted MM for the transactions until I can be trusted. Services I offer: -Nightmare Zone -Questing -Skilling If you have any request I will most likely do it for a FAIR price. Trying to build my trust in the community and also make some gold with my spare time!
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