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Found 3 results

  1. Short description: This bot trains on the guards in Varrock and banks at the Grand Exchange. It is great for training f2p accounts to mid level combat. You can also train range however it does not pick up arrows. Features: GUI: The GUI allows for you to select your food type. It also allows you to select whether or not to use strength potions. Paint: Track exp gained, exp/hr and time ran. Breaks: The script takes automatic breaks that vary in length between 100 seconds and 1000 seconds. Before starting the script: - Have auto retaliate on - Wear the gear you intend on using - Select the attack style you intend on using - Have the food you are using in your bank - Have strength potions of any (X) in your bank if intending on using strength potions - Place you player in the Grand Exchange with your inventory empty Screen shots: GUI: Paint:
  2. NoCap's Combat and Fishing Power-Leveler Hello! This is the first script I am releasing to the public! The link to the source code will be provided below so I encourage everyone to take a look! If you do decide to test the script out, please leave some feedback so I know what I can improve on. PLEASE PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! Features: - QuickStart Params. "full" - Will gain Attack, Strength, and Defence levels at Seagulls. Then will power-level fishing. "combat" - Will simply gain Attack, Strength, and Defence levels at Seagulls. "fish" - Will simply power-level fishing. If no Quickstart params are provided, the script will default to the "full" mode. - Custom inventory shift-drop method with randomly generated drop order. - Random combat profile selection so every account created is different. - Smart combat logic to prevent the bot from attacking something that is already being attacked. - Simple GUI. - Interesting way of finding the closest fishing spot (Please let me know if this does not work). SCRIPT REQUIREMENTS: The bot MUST have the following items in its inventory: Fishing bait (I recommend at least 200) Feathers (I recommend at least 1000) Fishing rod Fly fishing rod Small fishing net The bot MUST have the following items equipped: Iron full helm Iron platebody Iron platelegs Iron kiteshield Iron scimitar Each bot MUST have the following settings enabled (In Runescape settings): Default Zoom Shift Drop enabled Where to start the bot: Anywhere near Lumbridge. TODO: Add a GUI (FINISHED!) Add ability to select a specific mode to use. Added ability to set the combat levels you wish to achieve. Add item stocking Basically all you would have to do is put 5-10k on the account and the bot will buy all of the required items for you. Muling support? Add the ability to enter a mule RSN and World in the GUI. When the bot logs in, it will look for the mule in the Lumbridge spawn area. Support: Please reply to this thread for any bug issues or additional features you would like to see! GitHub link - https://github.com/Quavocado/noCap-Combat-and-Fishing-PowerLeveler Add Script Link : https://dreambot.org/sdn/script.php?add=true&script=993
  3. Hi there, I am CosmicOverride and fairly new to the Runescape botting community, I just started scripting today and made this woodcutting script. I am looking for any advice, suggestions from the community but also using this as an opportunity to share the script to you guys. Feel free to use, and modify at your own risk. I tried implementing some Anti-Ban stuff but as I said I just started scripting today. import org.dreambot.api.input.Mouse; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.methods.container.impl.bank.BankLocation; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.GameObject; @ScriptManifest(category = Category.WOODCUTTING, name = "Cosmic's Woodcutter", author = "Cosmic", version = 3.1) public class main extends AbstractScript{ int[] worlds = {301, 326, 393}; public static final String TREE = "Tree"; public static final String AXE = " axe"; Area cutArea = new Area(3280,3442, 3274, 3457); @Override public void onStart() { log("Welcome to Cosmic's Wootcutter"); } @Override public int onLoop() { if(!getLocalPlayer().isAnimating()) { if(getInventory().isFull()) { if(getBank().isOpen()) { getBank().depositAllExcept(item -> item != null && item.getName().contains(AXE)); sleep(Calculations.random(10000, 60000)); }else { getBank().open(BankLocation.VARROCK_EAST); } }else if(cutArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())){ GameObject tree = getGameObjects().closest(TREE); if(tree != null) { tree.interact("Chop Down"); int ran = Calculations.random(0,10); if (ran == 0) { getSkills().open(); }else if(ran == 1) { getWorldHopper().openWorldHopper(); sleep(Calculations.random(1000,5000)); int ranr = Calculations.random(0,25); if(ranr == 22) { getWorldHopper().hopWorld(worlds[Calculations.random(0,2)]); }else { getWorldHopper().closeWorldHopper(); } } sleep(Calculations.random(1500,2000)); } }else { getWalking().walk(cutArea.getRandomTile()); } } return Calculations.random(1000, 5000); } @Override public void onExit() { super.onExit(); } }
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