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Found 2 results

  1. Hey evryone 2 days ago i decided to go cannoning on my alt , and as evrey fellow botter would do , I tried to find a suitable script for my goals. So i went to the SDN script page and went looking and Tcannonclicker by You Win is what came up. I botted for 1 day with succes , but the next day when I went to check my account , i found it at the grand exange ( while I left it at ogres ) with all my valuables missing ( 50k cannonballs , ranger boots , tunic , robin , archers , and all my left over gp which was +- 10m ). I tought okay , yea maybe someone keylogged my pc or something and stole my password , so i scanned my PC and it came out clean , after that I checked my main accounts but evrything was stil in place , which means the only account that the hacker got acces to , was the one that i logged in on the dreambot client with , which raised my suspission. Another thing that seemed weird to me was someone commenting about the script 'dropping' his 20k cannonballs. It seems weird to me that the scripter would make some type of typo mistake making the character drop all his cannonballs and / or other items at some point woulden't it? Anyways I think i made my point clear and I would be verry gratefull if someone with the right knowledge would look into this and review the code of that script and checks if its safe. I'de like to thank you all for reading this way to long story and i hope for a reply soon. Kind regards and safe botting!
  2. uSpamReporter [ADD SCRIPT LINK] Ever got annoyed by those endless gold farming website spammers and general advertisers within the game? Now there is a script to help you and everyone else get rid of them. This script will hop worlds every 10 minutes to find spammers in the G.E. Once it finds them or they private message you, the script will report them and add to ignore list. Features: Uses a similarity algorithm to check for similar spam RAINBOW Paint (Extremely dope) World Hopper (Every 10 minutes) Prevents AFK logout. Walks to G.E. If not in G.E. You can also check the people getting reported in the debug screen (Tools->Debugging->Debug Console) For more reports / hour go to world 1 or 2 2 Minute Run
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