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    1. Alright I'll see what I can do to replicate it. Never said it was a consistent bug, which I hate for replicating but I'll let it run for a few hours.
    2. Yes my zoom is set to the default... Okay I could do that however it is a pretty ugly way of solving it.
    3. Nah, they will never ban accounts that aren't botted on. Don't worry about it, chain-bans only occur on bots. I mule all the time from my main and accounts on the same IP, the botted accounts always get banned sooner or later. My main has never gotten banned, never.
    4. Hi, I'm trying to walk on a specific tile on screen for example: getWalking.walkOnScreen(tile ); Problem is that after some time on clicking on this tile it will find a spot which is so close to the players tile that it will get stuck in a loop clicking between these tiles cause it thinks it is "clicking on the tile". I don't know how I would fix this issue since it is the way the bot interacts with the game, are there any admins or anybody else that could help me out maybe someone has had the same problem happen them before?
    5. What is your code? Well I saw that the slotInteract only returns a true lol. How would I interact with the last item even?
    6. How to Interact with the last of an item I tried with slotInteract(27, "Use") however this doesn't work, what is the correct code for this ?
    7. ​Thanks a lot distraction. This helped me out tremendously
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