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  1. hey was trying to buy a voucher for $7.90 

  2. It seems your concern is that they are not refunding you after you changed your mind about the purchase. What are their stated terms and conditions for doing business with them?
  3. I applaud your mental gymnastics in being able to scam someone and still making yourself out to be the victim. That is some special type of narcissism. You express zero remorse and show no intention of repaying the person you've scammed. Naturally, you will be banned for scamming. if you wish to rejoin the community, you will have to repay the amount you've scammed.
  4. It's safe to proceed with the ban. Should he appropriately refund all his victims and successfully appeal his off-site bans, we can look into unbanning him. Context: https://www.sythe.org/members/rune-gold.947071/ https://www.sythe.org/threads/rune-gold-aka-le-wolf-attempted-scam-500m-07/
  5. You posted in the Goals section. I've moved it to a more appropriate section of the forum. Your post would be better received if you add in more detail of what you're looking for, and how you plan to pay.
  6. Prime

    Im a baller scam

    It looks like Baller dropped the ball on this one. But it looks like an honest enough mistake. For many of us, this is just a hobby and sometimes we get overwhelmed by other things in life such that we forget about it. I'm glad you guys could resolve it amicably. Let us know when the script has been delivered, and whether or not you opted to receive any refund. We will close this dispute after.
  7. After some thought, our staff team has decided this would be the fairest resolution: Viision will refund the original payment of 30M for the account services, minus the cost of services already rendered. For the mining experience, we deem this to not be in excess of 2M. As for the missing funds or items on the account, we will side towards inaction, as there is no actual proof or good documentation for us to work with. We are wary of always siding with the higher reputation/feedback user, since it may make it too easy for power-users to get away with bullying and ripping off defenseless people that can't dispute bigger entities. However, in the absence of all other evidence, it is natural that we'd want to assume the innocence of someone who has seemingly made a history of successful transactions prior versus believing the accusations from someone's first-ever trade on the community. We recommend that next time you attempt to purchase such a service, you secure and remove unnecessary wealth from your account. You should not risk more than you have to. This advice goes for Viision and other sellers providing account services as well. The service-buyer should be encouraged to properly secure the wealth on his account, such that the service-provider is not held liable for an amount of wealth he did not sign up to be accountable for. Risk-mitigation should be encouraged by both parties in such transactions.
  8. Looks like a miscommunication happened as a result of Banker losing his Discord account. Try contacting him now to resolve your issues with him. If this doesn't resolve your problem, let us know and we will keep this thread open.
  9. There was another dispute made against Banker recently for his handling of private script sales. DreamBot allows private script sales to allow programmers using our API and platform extra freedoms and options. Many customers prefer private scripts too, for a variety of reasons. Unlike other platforms, DreamBot doesn't ask for a royalty or commission from our private scripters. We generally have a very hands-off approach towards it. As such, private script sales are not something we actively monitor or moderate. However, if you had a poor experience with a scripter, you are completely within your right to give him a negative review and feedback. We do occasionally look into private script disputes, especially if a particular vendor has recurring problems with customers. We obviously do not tolerate scamming around here. However, for private transactions like these, it can be hard to distinguish between negligence and scamming. Often times, problems arise out of incompetence rather than malice. There is often a disconnect between a vendor and a customer's expectations, too. It would take an extreme amount of resources that we do not have to scrutinize each of these disputes to determine if there has been a genuine scam or a simple miscommunication. Again, you are more than welcome to give him a review and feedback reflecting your experience. To avoid such troubles in the future, I'd recommend doing your research and due diligence before purchasing a private script from anybody.
  10. Going to address some things real quick, before we come to any decision on this dispute. This will be a quick summary where I'll also point out some potential misconceptions. "AFK mining" can refer to a non-attentive way of playing the game. Think sand crabs training. It's a perfectly valid way to train and level up an account. I think he's trying to suggest that the unexpected login from the service-buyer is the login that cleaned the account. It does breach the chain of custody, in that someone else other than service-provider also accessed the account during that period. If you were curious about the account progress, you could have messaged the service-provider directly first. You should only log on the account to check if there was legitimate reason for you to be worried about the service on your account. That said, this clause in the service-provider's ToS doesn't absolve himself completely of responsibility, especially since the service-buyer would've needed to eventually to log on the account to see that his account got cleaned. Even if he logged on only at the end of the service, he still could have then reported that there was unaccounted-for missing items. In the case of the service-provider being a scammer, for the service-buyer to unconditionally respect such a clause would mean to put his account at more risk. If the buyer has reason to believe his account is at risk, he would naturally log on the account to check. The truth should be one of the following conclusions. A: Service-buyer trying to pull a scam, framing the person for cleaning his account so he can get unjust reimbursement. B: Service-provider trying to pull a quick scam, thinking he can get away with it against someone with zero reputation and feedback. C : Negligence or genuine mistake by one of them. Service-provider admitted to installing TeamViewer and leaving it running on his computer, unmonitored. It's implied too then that he left it on default settings, which aren't the most secure. But even then, it is very unlikely to have the computer compromised in such a brief period unless TeamViewer access credentials were negligently given out. This dispute is a case of "He said, she said." We'll do our best on the staff team to come to the most reasoned and likely conclusion, based on the limited unsubstantiated and circumstantial evidence we have to work with.
  11. Hey. Welcome to DreamBot. I'd encourage you to check out our Discord server at https://discord.gg/wvZaH3W. It focuses on the educational aspects of RS-related programming, and it'd be nice to have you be apart of the discourse. As for your post, we at DreamBot have a general rule to avoid mentioning other botting platforms in ways that come off as advertising for them. I doubt this was your intention. I figure you are just trying to demonstrate your accomplishments on other communities, which I recognize. Going forward, it would be better for you to not openly display them here so much. I assure you still we are very open-minded about multi-platform users. In fact, I can help you confirm any off-site profiles you'd like me to, to bolster your new reputation here. We hope you enjoy your time here.
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