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    1. Xero

      Xero AIO Grinder

      Thank you! I released this originally on local scripts, would it be possible to move it to the SDN section?
    2. Xero

      Xero AIO Grinder

      Xero AIO Grinder Welcome! This is an all in one grinder that breaks down materials at any bank location. This script aims to replicate someone bank standing / afk grinding materials on an alt. Gallery About the script You can expect about ~1700 materials grinded per hour. I've never been banned using this script and have baby sat it for hours. This script supports the following materials: Chocolate Bar, Unicorn Horn, Bird Nest, Blue Dragon Scale, Desert Goat Horn, Kebbit Teeth, Lava Scale, Superior Dragon Bones This scrip
    3. Thanks! I just personally prefer paypal/amazon because it's one less step for me since I'd be cashing out anyways, I take that into account when accepting OSRS money. I still think this service is affordable despite that extra 200k fee.
    4. XeroXero's Private Proxy Service General Information: I am looking to sell more affordable options in terms of proxy servers especially tuned for osrs bots. As a newer user to the forums, I thought in order to build my reputation and credibility I should offer an affordable, friendly and quick service to satisfy everyone's proxy needs. I've tested and am currently using my own proxies for my own botting endeavors, which to me seems no different from other services I've purchased in the past. As I believe in an ideal user experience, I want clients to be able to pay in ANY way they possibly
    5. Could you do something where the script checks if you are in the area past the gate, using the contains method that you used for cowArea? Once player triggers this, you can return a boolean value "inDesert = true" and then walk to bank. To get past the gate on the opposite side, you create an area past the gate, check if the player is contained within it and set the inDesert to false and run to cows. This could be a solution to your problem.
    6. Hi all, I was curious as if there is a method that people have to create thousands of tutorial accounts (I see some services on the forums (I'm not sure if they're active) that have thousands ready for purchase). As there is a captcha, I was wondering whether there's a script in account creation with captcha being avoided (some services exist to complete it for you). I go through approximately 10 accounts per day, so knowing this would be fantastic. Thanks for any help!
    7. probably has multiple accounts, easy way to get around tab limit.
    8. EDIT: Wow, sorry, I didn't read the whole sentence. Thanks!
    9. Thanks for the help and suggestions for my overall outlook on creating this script. As for my solution that seems to work, I added sleep(2500,4500); after the sleepUntil in my interactingWithCharacter and it started to work correctly (perhaps the dialogue occurs too quickly for the client to catch). I'll be looking up what you mean by configs and see as to how i can make my bot more conditional rather than linear.
    10. Hi all, I'm trying to create a working tutorial bot; however, conversation cuts short when talking to the same NPC twice. This is an issue when talking to the Quest npc as you need to speak with him fully on the second conversation; however, it is cut short when I go click the ladder. Here's my code for the tutorial npc (it cuts short but isnt an issue.): NPC guide = getNPCs("RuneScape Guide"); interactWithCharacter(guide, "Talk-to"); sleep(2500,5000); this.getWidgets().getChildWidget(548, 39).interact(); sleep(2500,5000); interactWithCharacter(guide, "Talk-to"); GameOb
    11. Hello all! I'm in the mist of completing a tutorial island script I've been working on for a few days. I'll be testing accounts for the next few days and cleaning up code in the meantime. I'm not sure if I'll release the script as I need to trial how long it takes for my tutorial island characters to get banned.
    12. Thank you! For those who have any similar issues, here's how I coded the solution: this.getWidgets().getChildWidget(162, 33).interact(); Also I replaced == with equals (Forgot that when not dealing with numbers you have to use this haha).
    13. Thank you all for the warm welcomes! I can't wait to release my script!
    14. Hello! For my first script, I'm creating a tutorial island bot. In order to run through the dialogues quickly I use the getDialogues().clickContinue(); method. As seen in this photo here: The bot does not know what to do. The code above works for NPCs. Secondly, I want to be able to sleep until my character reaches a desired location. In order to accomplish this, I've done the following: Tile t = treeArea.getRandomTile(); long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); sleepUntil(() -> this.getLocalPlayer().getTile() == t, 9000); long endTime = System.currentTi
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