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  1. Enjoy both of you. Hi there, please try clearing your jagexcache by enabling fresh start in your client settings and restart the client. No it doesn't.
  2. Hey, could you please record a gif of the issue and send it to me? Thank you in advance. That's good to hear!
  3. Thank you for the information. Enjoy. Yes, but not from me directly. You need to purchase a voucher from another user and use it to purchase the script from the store. Try asking in the chatbox or check the marketplace.
  4. Which part of the script is not working? Not at the moment. I have plans for it, but not yet.
  5. Enjoy. Hi, you need to start the script with the logs in your inventory. It will detect the logs from there.
  6. Enjoy all of you. It's because you're using it wrong. It doesn't use talisman, it uses tiara. Traverses the path between beach general store and the altar. No teleports.