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  1. The reason I'm urging mbmaster to refund you is not because of the lag, but because of the termination of the service and the Discord block. The vps has been in your use almost the whole time and it's been up to you to take advantage of it. I don't require him to refund the days you've been able to use the vps, only the remaining days.
  2. Hmm, do you think you could take a screenshot of your game screen while it's in the screen it was stuck on? That would be very helpful for me. Also, you could try to slow down the script by decreasing the mouse speed in client settings.
  3. Good choice. @ump I'm expecting this decision is suitable for you, so please refrain from throwing fists in the air anymore, as I'm sure each party wants this case settled. @mbmaster I've messaged you about MM'ing the trade with the Discord UID 154348905847455754 (joakim219#4368).
  4. Do you think you could record a video or a gif of the issue? That would be very helpful.
  5. @ump Do you currently have access to the vps? For how long was the vps disabled while it was in your use? @mbmaster I don't like the way you dealt with your customer. I can understand that with some customers you don't get along that well, but that most certainly doesn't justify terminating the service you've been paid to provide. That falls under the category of scamming. If the user didn't open this dispute against you and raise our awareness, would you have just moved along knowing you scammed your customer? How could have he been able to contact you if you blocked him? I don't want service provides like that here, so here's what we gonna do. To clear your reputation, I suggest you comply with your customer's requests. If he wants to end the service, let him do it. In that case, refund the remaining days + the days the vps was disabled (if it was down for a couple of hours, round it up to a day because it was a dick move). I don't think it's worth it to ruin your reputation because of this.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'll have to look into that defend knight mode and see how I could improve it. It will prioritize the brawlers if they are in your way, because you can't move through them.
  7. Released and promoted. Congratulations!
  8. Consider using the defend knight mode if it's more suitable for you. Thanks for the feedback.
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