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    1. Every restart did it yesterday. It was on a dress up and emote step. Trying it again today and now it is buying at the GE instead of staring at the bank and seems to be working so far.
    2. This script seemed to work during my trial. Purchased it and now it just sits at the bank doing nothing. Log gives no helpful info either. 2023-05-19 17:18:05 [INFO] Starting Medium Clues now! 2023-05-19 17:18:05 [INFO] Central Startup 2023-05-19 17:18:05 [INFO] Successfully loaded web nodes (latest)! 2023-05-19 17:18:05 [INFO] Instantiate Tree 2023-05-19 17:18:05 [INFO] Script set to running! 2023-05-19 17:18:05 [INFO] Successfully loaded web nodes (latest)! 2023-05-19 17:18:10 [INFO] [] 2023-05-19 17:18:10 [INFO] [cI:cc=1684545487, cc:H=1684545487, cI:cc=1684545488, cc:T=1684545488, cI:cc=1684545490, cc:aQ=1684545490] Then stares at the bank infinitely.
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