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    1. Hello, I'm writing a script which relies of an accurate extraction of the prices from the grand exchange. Using the LivePrices class, I noticed that a few items (I believe the most traded ones) their prices vary +-50 coins of the actual price of the grand exchange. Still most of the prices are accurate so I have to recognize the good and hard work done for the API. Keeping that in mind, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to expose my own API that returns the Grand Exchange prices of any item, and calling it from my script. I imagine in local would work, but I'm not that sure once the script is running in the SDN. Thank you
    2. Hello, Do you think you can write in this thread the scripts that look old and outdated? I'm happy to re write them as long as their autors are not updating them any more.
    3. Here is a script to get a JSON file with all the tradeables items import json import requests # Get JSON from URL url = "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/osrsbox/osrsbox-db/master/docs/items-complete.json" response = requests.get(url) data = response.json() # Create new list with only ID and name new_data = [] for item in data: if data[item]["tradeable_on_ge"] == True and data[item]["members"] == False: new_data.append({"id": data[item]["id"], "name": data[item]["name"]}) # Save new list to a file with open("raw.json", "w") as outfile: json.dump(new_data, outfile)
    4. Hello @tomtom0212, Thank you, these are great suggestions. I will be doing a 1.2 version with the following features User can choose if banking or not User can input several messages, so the script will randomly be choosing from the list. User can set the frequency of the messages I will also take a look at the feature of hoping between words after a timer, but maybe it will take more time. I expect this 1.2 version to come out before friday.
    5. Hello, Is there any call on the API that returns a Item list with all the tradeable items in the game? Or any call that brings all the items? I've been browsing for a while but I cannot find anything. Thank you
    6. @davainalivai1 @tomtom0212 Hello, the new update is live and working properly. Again I'm happy to hear any feature proposals ore bug reports.
    7. @Mywin12133 Right! I completly forgot runescape had this tool, so stupid. For the 1.2 version so far I will fix this bug you reported and the possibility to avoid log out. The Grand Exchange issue is a very good idea but it will be for the 1.3, since I haven't worked with the GE part of the api and I imagine it will take some time for me to learn. Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear any more feature requests and bug reports.
    8. @davainalivai1 Yes I apologize, I posted the script with a bug which made the GUI not to shop up so it's impossible to start the script. I just fixed it so it will be live very soon. I will notify you when it happens.
    9. @Mywin12133 I apologize but I cannot find this price checker tool. Is it available only for VIPS? If you could send me a screenshot I would appreciate it so much.
    10. Fixed the bug which made the GUI not to show up, should be live in the following hours.
    11. Hello @Mywin12133, Sounds like a good feature, I will work on it soon. However I don't understand the last part, how do you manually check the price items? In my code the method to check the price is called when a listener detects a new item has been added to the inventory, there's no manually way ( I believe) to do it manually.
    12. @Mywin12133 Fixed, it should be live in the following hours.
    13. Hello, I recently uploaded a script into the SDN, but looks the GUI doesn't show up if I add the script from the website to the SDN, and execute it from the client. Is there a chance GUIs using .form files won't work? This file is generated with the intellij software, which makes the process of building guis much easier. Thank you so much edit: I realize i use the method private void createUIComponents() which is a function from intellij, most likely that's the problem.
    14. Hello @Mywin12133, thank you for reporting it, i'm working on it.
    15. dreamwiver

      DW Autotrader

      This is a script which makes the player listen for incoming trades, and accept them when the other player have placed items. Once the player's inventory has received items, the script will drop the items to the bank and come back to the initial tile the player was standing at the start of the script. It includes an auto typer with a custom message the user can enter on the GUI. I'm happy to hear any suggestions, issues or feature proposals.
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