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    1. Can you please upload footage of it working properly? I'd like to see if its an issue coming from my computer because I wouldn't expect it to run this way with your standing. I'm also seeing that my footage is choppy so I could do a better job of documenting what going on on my end. I'm using Linux not Windows so that could play a role. Either way I can prove that, for me, the software is not running properly "out of the box".
    2. Are there exceptions to this rule? I've used it for one day and came to the conclusion that its poorly written. If I really wanted to go through the logs I could find more issues. What else can be done?
    3. Date Purchased: 18 November 2022 Order #234624 Script Purchased: Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite Script Creator (tag them with @): @Zawy Reason for Refund: Wintertodt script (the first one I have tried) is ridiculously bad. Its successful game completion rate is well under 100%. For whatever reason, it does not chop a full inventory of Bruma roots (It changes tasks at half an inventory) and quite a few times, I have seen it go to the lobby to wait at 25 or less points. (500 is a successful game). I paid for the top script because I expected to see the best OSRS botting had to offer not join the development loop. I'm attaching a video that I loath having to make because the top script should just do its job but here it is. I recorded this halfway through this write-up and right away it fails to complete the mini game. This is with the default settings and speaking of the settings; Why have labels if they get cut off after the first few words? "Light upon..."? You can't right-click to expand or resize the window (which I show in the video) so take your best guess as to what this does and maybe click it. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs): https://vimeo.com/772555497 Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies): This is my contact. I did not pay to help the creator develop his software. Desired Outcome: Please refund to original payment method (credit-card)
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