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    1. Rsn:Unstppble New name :kvz y discord: pog#5555 Hello everyone as some of you may know I was recently phished into downloading a RAT client on my computer that looked pretty legit and it looks like a runelite plugin. I know that I made a silly mistake and downloaded the rat and unfortunately doing that I lost a 4billion go bank because of this scumbag. I am posting this to make you all aware as he is still using the exact same name and discord to try and get some of my friends as well. After having a discussion with a friend of mine I just found out today that this guy is still using the same name and discord user id to try and RAT others so I just want to try and save someone else from this happening to them. I am posting this on every website I use in hopes that I get this guy banned from every channel he uses and hopefully further consigences come this this punk. His new rsn is : kvz y
    2. Hello everyone who reads this thank you for your time and advice. Last week I was lured into downloading a link that would improve my QOL at TOA..after downloading the link about 45 seconds later my screen went black I changed password immediately but once I gained access to my account everything was gone 4b gp. After watching a video on it it appears the lures were able to access my account from there screen and even able to record my bank pin so yea entire bank is gone. Since then I did a Windows 11 (restore) after reading on the internet that wasn't going to be enough I proceeded to download Windows 11 onto a USB and delete and reinstalled windows 11 completely. When doing so where the partition screen popped up I deleted all them and reinstalled windows on my hard drive. Now after doing this I signed into my windows account and have something called clouddrive and in that I still had some screenshots on my computer after logging into Microsoft , So it has my anxiety on 100. Is my account safe to use now? Was the reinstalling of windows 11 and deleting the partitions enough? Or am I just screwed?
    3. Hello I am new to these fourms I stumbled across them googling some shit..I have been a sythe user for years and recently I was tricked into downloading a RAT on my cpu and lost 4b bank on my main so I have to resort to something and that's going to be buying GP and botting I can not devote 2 years to replace the gp legitimately. I am looking for a mentor or some guidance for becoming a botter for gold. Couple questions I have are if I never bot on my main account and don't use a VPN(because I don't know how ) do I have to worry my main account will be banned if I never ran the program with my main account ? I am just wanting to make money off the bot and really don't want to bot 15 accounts at once just one or two how does that work? And which bot would I make the best money with ? When moving the gold from the bot to my main account what kind of precautions should be taken? Should I kill the bot in the wild to move the gp? Please help me guys I'm just a casual guy trying to make some money back for my character to play the game..I am not that computer smart so I need as much help as possible I have nothing left to loose so this is my resort.
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