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    1. nothing on guides about breaks m8 danno what u on
    2. so using a proxie is not good? am i better just using my home ip?
    3. someone please share a basic break method that will not get you banned after 2 days ty.
    4. how is it that ive spent 300 dollars on scripts. 100m on bonds, 200m gp items. made over 10 emails, accounts, human played them till 20cmb stats. then try some botting for 8hrs a day doing about 7 diffrent things.. 2hrs of breaks. and i still get everything banned. its actaully toxic
    5. okay i checked my ip address and it is 0% clean, perfect ip it says etc. so its not that. i think its just hours played. someone needs to share a method which doesnt get you banned. 2hrs play 1hr break 2hrs play? like come on guys anything. ive been here 3 weeks and cant get over 60cmb. im not even farming gold i put bond myself put gold on, and train accs then get banned.
    6. i can bot fishing 6hrs on 6hrs off 6hrs on all day every day for 3weeks with no proxie just from home ip when i first started, 92fishing, then i got my first proxie and was banned in a couple days.
    7. i dont bot over night. just during the day. i havent made any money on the accounts im bonding them myself putting 5m cash for supplys, is that wrong? ive gone threw 10accounts banned, is it even worth botting after 1st temp ban?
    8. i am using proxie, 2accs on each proxie, i train my combat stats to 20 manually, then ill do some quest,more training,skilling, i was playing about 10hrs a day with breaks, maybe 2-3hrs of breaks, and even 30mins of human play on the account and would last about 3 days get mid 50-60 combat stats and decent skills, 40quest points.
    9. 1 week botting 10 accounts banned so many diffrent methods. lowest i tryed was 1hr bot 1hr of real game play 5hrs break come back and we are banned. you just cant do it whatever you do it will catch up with you. i went all in and spent 300 dollars on scripts that i am fully regreting. will never use them as ive already deleted the scripts. moral of the story guys dont even bot. your better of paying somone to play the game for you. or just buy gold and have fun.. phuck these fake bots scripts
    10. botting does not work. 10 accounts banned after 2 weeks.you think your winning but you never never never will. refund 300dollars of bullshit scripts im done
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