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    1. That's exactly what I ended up doing yesterday and it seems to be fine, think I was just over thinking it originally, but thanks!
    2. Wanted to ensure the loot was from my kill and not one from someone else that happened to be closer
    3. Think you remember correctly about the south west and getTile seems to get a tile of the NPC but never the tile the loot will land on. Trying to see if there's a method in the docs for getting all tiles an NPC occupies to easily get the south west, but I think no such method exists and I'll have to do some maths based off of orientation.
    4. I'll look into that, thanks
    5. Any thoughts on getting the loot tile for a larger NPC (Something like a Cow) Just started playing with this API yesterday and wondered about getting your loot but logging the tile of the NPC you're killing but the loot isn't guaranteed to drop there. I'm imagining I need to take orientation into consideration and what tiles the NPC is occupying but wondered if anyone had done this before I threw some maths at the wall until it worked
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