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    1. Thanks everyone. I got a little further in my learning over the last couple of days. My woodcutting bot can now do up to Yew trees. I did have 2 throw away accounts banned already, which was expected. I have been using a new VPN location every time I get banned. I need to work on making them more human like. I've added simple things such as switching tabs, randomly ignoring the screen for about a minute or 2 as if going AFK. There are some things I'm going to try to figure out today to see if I can make it even more human like. I don't want to expand its use until I can decrease ban rate. The 3 things I'm currently looking into are ways to check distance from player location to area, if close enough don't click the mini map to move. Second is I find if I'm outside of a bank and I click a banker, the player will run into a wall, example seer village trees. The in game pathfinding either sucks, or this is an anti ban measure, either way I'm going to look for a way to avoid it without the script clicking in the bank 3 times running around the outside, as that isn't very human like. Lastly I want to be able to add real breaks, like log out for 20-30 minutes and then come back online. No one in their right mind can sit on chop maples flawlessly for 8+ hours and not move. Hopefully I'm on the right track with my thoughts. I'm sure there is much more I can add. Quite honestly I have not actually played this game in years so the challenge I'm facing is learning how to play, so I can tell the bot what to do. If anyone has any advice as always, I would love to hear it.
    2. Thank you. I look forward to working with everyone. Fooling around for a few minutes I see there are quite a lot of methods built in, only took 30 minutes to build a working, banking woodcutting bot, at least for one small set of trees. I'm really excited to see what this client is capable of. Next step is probably figuring out a way to add a GUI and see if I can have it go to the trees the player wants to chop at a specific bank. I'm sure there are plenty of basic woodcut bots but I figure this is an easy way to learn.
    3. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've been involved in anything like this. The last time I wrote a bot script was around the start of Burning Crusade for WoW. I'll give a little background. Computer science major with knowledge of C++/C#, Java, and Python. I currently don't use my degree for anything except personal hobbies. I've coded a few games with server/client side including use of database. I want to do something a little different than just cranking out garbage games or trying to think of new few ideas and create art etc. It gets exhausting. My initial thoughts were I would join a community such as this, probably find it was dead, create a few scripts just to appease my inner child, and then continue down the path I was on. After searching around a bit, I do see there are quite a few users here that post fairly regularly. At this point, I've realized I'll likely be here for longer than a few days just making a few garbage scripts, I want to make something more long lasting. I'll probably start simple with a few scripts that do basics, but try and perfect them. Flawless woodcut/bank mining/bank etc. and see where it goes from there. I hope you all are willing to welcome another newcomer that isn't just going to come and beg for crap and complain they got banned, I want to be a part of the community and help in any way I can. If anyone has whatever advice, please feel free to either respond here or send me a message. I've got the client installed currently, I checked out the tutorial enough to get a basic script running I can chop some trees. I'll probably spend a few days on my own just figuring out various ways to do things so I can plan out future projects to keep the classes neat and expandable. Long story short. Hi, what's up? Call me Shadow.
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