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    1. What does taking care of an account look like?
    2. Appreciate the feedback, is there any sort of IP flagging on Jagex's end? If an account on my home IP gets banned, would I be at greater risk of bans in the future?
    3. I am looking to improve my botting "best practices". Rather than use a SOCKS5 proxy, I have been using a VPN (ExpressVPN) and about a month ago my bot was banned while botting for about 4 hours a day. Shortly after I bonded up 3 new accounts and ran them all on the same custom scripts using the same VPN. I ran them for 3-5 days each for about 2-4 hours per day (in one session per day). I went on vacation and came back to find all 3 of my bots had been banned again, but none of them were doing the same activity (the scripts run through a variety of activities in a 2-4 hour session including skilling, questing and item gathering) at the point which they were all banned and none were logged in when they were banned. What did I do wrong most likely (botted too much, used a VPN, ran the accounts at the same time, maybe my scripts have flaws that are easy to detect), and what can I do to improve my odds of avoiding detections? I'm looking for honest criticism - assume I know little about botting best practices and be as hard as you need to be, my goal is only to get better. Thank you.
    4. With Jagex announcing the new game launcher as being mandatory in the future: Will this put a stop to botting as we know it with 3rd party clients? Been starting to write some scripts recently, and worried about sinking a ton of time into a venture that might close up.
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