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    1. Thanks for encourageing, i certainly will look into this link you gave... Any tipps on effectively useing the docs? Guess i have to research a bit to effectively read the stuff in there, i always get lost and nothing works LOL
    2. Well, after looking into some open source projects from other ppl in this forum, I'm really discuraged to get into Java... guess i'll stick to python and get at least some (more) basic understanding of all this. Maybe in the next couple of years I'll be looking back and think to myself. "holy fuk, this shits easy to do."
    3. would it be possible to fully script a reliable ranged bot, that savespots not only one type of NPC? I was wondering if you could make it savespot ranged NPCs aswell. Since i can't find any script that would do that, i wanted to ask if it is just impossible to do or not very reliable. Thanks in advance!
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