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    1. EDIT: The Client is also slow as hell without Proxies... Glad I only Invested TIME, 6 Proxys and a $30 Script cause now my Botting Career is done I am manually training on Rats and I cannot even get the Client to do that without a Proxy or VPN its too slow even with all of my Computers Resources giving it maximum CPU Power etc
    2. I'm having the same issue its SO SLOW with my Proxy I may as well not even play legit let alone run a Bot alongside how slow the Proxy is and its SOCKS5 and meant to be a good fast Proxy I bought 6 of them for a cheap yet fair price and they run like crap... The Client is ABSOLUTELY fine without them... WTF should I do? I do not want to BOT the same IP my Ironman Main and other Main account I play legit on yet if I want to bot its my only option due to Proxy lag...
    3. Client seems to be working now that I have turned VPN off and am just using a Proxy I should have just done that from the start it was stupid to use both' Just in case anyone else has same problem am leaving this here and apologies if I look dumb am new to Botting and am trying to start small and expand into a BotFarm
    4. Its still not working with them off so turning back on
    5. Now the Client is not even Loading and have turned off all Proxies and VPNS but would rather them on so I do not get banhammered?
    6. Gamepack seems to go Black Screen and freeze without loading despite fixing the other problem now this one has popped up Is this just me or something everyone is dealing with now..?
    7. I was trying to access the Client under the old Username I originally signed up with and then changed Usernames for VPN/PROXY reasons so got it working thank you for your help... Now the Client is not Loading for me but the Script it showing up... Seems like I just cannot get a win ahah its a new day today though and hoping everything will just run smoothly Thanks again for the help it did help made me think it could have been under the different Username now I am just waiting for the Gamepack in the Client to Load fingers crossed it works today as I've got some catching up to do aha
    8. I just bought Dreamy AIO Skiller and NOTHING I've done makes it show up... I've tried Restarting the Client, Refreshing Scripts, changing Settings etc I even turned my Proxies off to see if that would work, I can run the Client Legitimately fine... But anytime I download a Script (Cause I started to Download FREE ones just to see if they would pop up when "Refreshing my Scripts" and they did not show up either... I am running DreamBot on a MAC but have JAVA enabled and Downloaded so I am failing to find the problem... Any better tech savvy people out there that could help a brother out...? Thanks in advance even if just simple fixes/suggestions I'll try anything as I bought this Script and intend to use it ASAP
    9. EDIT: This is happening for all Scripts as well I just tried testing Refreshing a free Script and added a Bunch of Trials which is unfortunate because I added the Trials to paid Scripts before I knew of this problem and intended to use them.. I did not think much of the Trials not working but after actually Buying a $30 Script would be lying if I said I was not a little annoyed nothing is showing up yet the Client seems to run perfectly fine along with settings the Scripts just refuse to show up no matter what I try I've even taken Proxies off to eliminate that problem, I've tried so many things I honestly have no idea what to do anymore I am using a MAC but made sure to Download JAVA so it would be compatible and it is because I can run the Client and play legitimately, the Scripts however refuse to refresh
    10. I literally just bought this Script and have tried a million different things to get it to work like restarting, changing settings etc it even says "Owned" on the Website but when I launch the Client as many times as I Refresh my Scripts it acts as if I never bought it... I have my Receipt ID and a Screenshot of the Purchase along with it saying "Owned" on DreamBot... Can this be fixed ASAP or can someone help me fix this please? I just wanted to get started and what I thought would be easy as Refreshing Scripts has turned into a Nightmare trying to get the Script to show up/Let me Run it in any way shape or form
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