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    1. Mule works perfectly with clockwork. Only thing I wish that would be added is the mule logout when the trade is over rather then wait on afk timer.
    2. Look into 620's. They cost like an absolute fraction of the price and can maybe reach 100 with a pair of E5 2690's. I have a pair of E5-2630l's in my 620 and each bot instance takes only 4-5% usage. I cant speak for how stable everything will be if you get that high up but the hardware should be more then capable of running it if you manage to get it all going. Ill attach my task manager. There's also the HP equivalents, but im not a huge fan of the Proliants
    3. To add to this you can get barebone Dell R620's for on the cheap(about 120-150$(ebay or local)). After CPU's and RAM you can easily keep it 200-240$. I currently have a R620 with dual E5 2630L's/56GB of Ram and each bot instance only uses around 4-5% cpu usage. With dual E5-2690's(usually run 60$ for a pair) you can easily probably run up to 40-50 instances no sweat. This will come at the cost of increased power consumption.
    4. Ive noticed that everytime that the script offloads to the mule instead of withdrawing the item and a salve graveyard teleport, itll withdraw the item and a dueling ring and be stuck sitting at either the wandering bank person or bank chest. Not sure if this is a known issue or if there's a client fix for this but if there is let me know. If logs are needed I can shoot them over next time it happens.
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