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    1. What is your issue with me? This is getting out of control, and very fast. You where the one who started this when I cracked a joke about one skill training coming soon, which is what I was told. This is borderline harassment at this point. I am not trying to make myself out to be a victim, I am defending myself against your accusations. @Hashtag can you do something about this? All over me requesting a refund, this shouldn't happen to anyone.
    2. The lack of your teams transparency with how things are supposed to work (you guys never mentioned in any post, thread, discord, etc) that you need to train more than one skill at a time. 26 hours may not seem like a lot, but its pretty weird that you guys responded after I openly voiced my opinion where all members of the discord (those who bought and didn't buy). You guys have tickets open, don't respond to them, but will talk to people in the regular channels about features upcoming. With that being said, if you guys are not open about this in the AIO what else could you be hiding in the other scripts? That's a strong concern for me and for other users who have purchased it. It puts the reputation of dreambot on your hands, releasing scripts without fully disclosing everything. With the influx of new members coming to dreambot to purchase your script, coming from other providers, puts the dreambot's team at risk and could ultimately cost them money because of your team. So I feel like I should be fully refunded, its evident by the posts here by your staff and your own words that you don't want me as a customer. You primarily deal with issues with the ticket system instead of the forums, so why should I be treated poorly (in regards to reporting issues) that you may never see or fix unless one of your other customers reports in discord. With that being said, I STRONGLY feel like scripters having discords to deal with the majority of bugs puts everyone at risk. I am banned today, who will be banned tomorrow? If all I did was voice my concern and got banned, you guys have the power to censor anyone's opinion if you do not agree with it. This is something that should be looked into my the dreambot team, as its pretty evident here that you guys are not shy on banning someone and even going as far to say that they don't belong in the beta. All for voicing my concerns after 26 hours of no ticket response but active community discussion within discord with members? What about those that do not use discord? Should they be put on the back burner and face poor experiences because of it? When Scripters rely mostly on discord for users to report bugs or get help that puts everyone at risk. Your reputation that your website says the most advanced is on their hands. And I am not just speaking of GScripts. Every single developer. We all know that forums are slowly becoming a thing of the past, but there should be a better solution instead of needing to join every discord for every script so you can report bugs and know they will be fixed.
    3. Regarding the ticket being open for 26 hours, I appreciate that it may not seem like a long time. However, I did submit multiple tickets (at least 3) because I was having trouble resolving the issue on my own. I was hoping for a bit more guidance and support to get the script working properly. As for the Discord bot messages, I apologize if I missed some important information. I think it would be helpful if the instructions were a bit clearer and easier to follow, so users like me wouldn't need to keep submitting tickets for the same issue. I wanted to bring up a few points from your refund policy. First, the policy mentions that products can be refunded within a two-week grace period, and I bought the GAIO script just a few days after my initial purchases. Second, it states that a valid reason for a refund is if the product doesn't work and the issue can't be resolved with the creator. I did my best to resolve the problem through tickets and asking for help on Discord, but unfortunately, I couldn't get the script to function as expected. I also wanted to mention that getting banned from the Discord server was a bit disheartening. I was frustrated with the situation, and I apologize if I came across as rude. However, I don't think it should affect my eligibility for a refund. Lastly, while the GAIO script hasn't been removed, I feel that the numerous issues and lack of clear documentation about its limitations make it difficult to use effectively, even as a beta product. I think these factors, along with the challenges I faced in getting support, could be considered valid reasons for a refund. I genuinely believe that my refund request is reasonable based on your policy and my experience with the GAIO script. I'd really appreciate it if you could reconsider my request and provide a refund for the GAIO script and the other scripts I purchased.
    4. Being disrespected by a developer who's product is a buggy mess is valid, especially when attempting to ask how to retrieve logs when the script auto closes and your unable to generate the logs. There is no clear thread that tells you that you have to let it shut down, then load back up and press log. You guys have told me in tickets it would be within a folder. Inside of the folder was nothing more than two json files. It took the community to even help get the log because of lack of communication. There was no mention in the thread or discord that you need to train more than one skill at a time. Only after I voiced my opinion was I told that, after days of tickets being closed or ignored until I found out and told the members who had the same bug as me. This is not a beta product, it should be alpha. This is not a issue with Nezz, its a issue with lack of communication and clear documentation from the other developers of how things work. You guys did not tell me how to get the logs, only that they would be in a folder, the discord members told me how to do it. I want my money back not only for GAIO but for all products because of this. You guys are either maliciously miss informing people on the basics of your script, or you guys (not nezz) are neglecting to do it, both of which is grounds for a refund IMO.
    5. Date Purchased: April 7h for the regular scripts, 14th for the AIO Script Purchased: GAgility, GConstruction, GCooking, GCrafting, GFlecthing, GFiremaking, GFishing, GHerblore, GMining, GGOTR, GSmithing, GTHieving, GWoodcutting, Guester, GAIO Script Creator (tag them with @): @Nuclear Nezz Reason for Refund: A few days after purchase of all scripts that where not the all in one, GAIO was released. GAIO was a complete mess, things where not addressed to the public about key points on how the script works. For example, you CANNOT train only one skill at a time. It was under the impression of myself and a few discord members you could. We had a bug that said we "ran out of money" no matter how much gold you had in the bank. We submitted tickets, asked staff in discord but nothing much came from it. Their discord has a discord bot for tickets that if you do not upload the precise file they where looking for you would have the ticket closed within 10 minutes. Asking within the ticket on how to retrieve a log that you where unable to get was hard because they where busy and could not reply. Finally, they said to go into the folder it should be within it. I went inside of the folder and it was not. I asked the discord members (non staff or developers) and they explained the proper way of getting the logs. I submitted my 4th ticket for the same issue and nothing was done. Today after I was speaking to other members who had the same issue they responded to my ticket. I was mad in all honesty that it took me voicing my words outside of a ticket (because they would not answer within it besides saying wrong log and closing the ticket). They said the fix was on its way today but never gave a time frame. Fast forward a few hours, I was letting the discord members know who had the same experience that the update was coming and that you had to select two skills to train and said it would be coming soon (they said) and a TM emoji. Discord staff member and developer "G0" became angry and hostile towards me for the obvious meme. I asked him to show me where the notice was about needing to select two or more skills at a time (as this was not posted on the script thread or within discord, and not common knowledge). I also said to point to where they explained how to get the proper logs if the client closes and no logs where generated. G0 then became even more angry and said something along the lines of "Well maybe you shouldn't be apart of the beta" and kicked me from discord for helping other community members and voicing my frustration after numerous days of not being able to get the logs, no help finding the logs and getting a generic reply saying they would release the one skill at a time soon. This is not a beta product, this is not how Developers should treat their customers. I firmly believe this script should not be on the market because of its current state, lack of communication of how things work and because of Developers getting mad and banning a paying customer who was voicing their opinion. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs): https://tinypic.host/image/logger.DJJ4DE https://tinypic.host/image/output-2.DJJLf5 https://tinypic.host/image/yikes.DJJbMb Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies): https://tinypic.host/image/oof.DJJ7RB Desired Outcome: Refund (back to payment method or store credit) / Issue Fixed / Script Swap I would like to be unbanned from their discord server OR have my refund back to my card. This is NOT how you treat CUSTOMERS.
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