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    1. Inside motherlode mine area, trying to deposit ores, except pickaxe and hammer, fails at the depositbox. if (DepositBox.depositAllExcept(1275, 2347)) {... Makes the client click outside area of deposit interface, seems like all coord inside widget 192 are misaligned? EDIT: Worked yesterday btw.
    2. When i want to record a path, i use this code: (some code found from the net) Tile currentPosition = getLocalPlayer().getTile(); if (currentPosition.distance(lastTile) > 1.9) { walkTiles.add(currentPosition); lastTile = currentPosition; } the recorded tiles are in a list, and this is how i save it to a file: (some code found from the net) String str = "\nTile[] path = {"; for (int i=0; i < walkTiles.size(); i++) { Tile p = walkTiles.get(i); if (i == walkTiles.size() - 1) { str += String.format("new Tile(%d, %d, %d)};", p.getX(), p.getY(), p.getZ()); } else { str += String.format("new Tile(%d, %d, %d), ", p.getX(), p.getY(), p.getZ()); } } try { saveFileText(str); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { //do stuff } Theres nothing wrong with the code, but I get erroneous tiles in the list, which seems to occur when a new region is loaded... That is, a new part of the map is loaded. Any ides how to avoid this?
    3. When using Dialogues, the clickContinues() fails for me, fising, cooking, mining, woodcutting, firemaking, etc. clickContinue() clicks below the text "Click here to continue", did so also before game update
    4. Yea, walks all the way to north fally and chops away.. then tries to light fires there. But no can do...
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