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    1. Hey, everybody. Always drop out of the login screen when switching worlds I added widget judgment, and state judgment, and wait time, none of which worked. Is there any way to prevent this? Much appreciated.
    2. In my test,hotspots have a very high ban rate. Obviously, if a player reports you, just check what the account has been doing and you can tell if it's a robot, no matter how clever or anti-pattern or anti-injunction you are, you can't avoid it.
    3. Let's hope we're all still alive after June 25
    4. There could be an impact, my main account was switched between DB and RL and was banned, but, admittedly, I did botting on DB at the time, so who knows.
    5. https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/third-party-clients-update?oldschool=1#_ga=2.99499293.243424585.1655477256-951438527.1655477256 Jagex gives a specific date 6.25. Will we be affected by that date?
    6. Thank you very much for your answers.Your answers have inspired me a lot.Thank you again.
    7. Hey, everybody. My question is, if the network is unstable sometimes, the game will log out and return to the login screen, as we all know, it will automatically log in at that time, however, if this happens too many times, it will stop and no longer automatically log in, I wonder if there is a solution to this situation? I wrote my own script, and I checked that I didn't close the logon or the login event. thank you The above content is from translation software, may not be very accurate, for which I am very sorry
    8. Execute "bank. open", especially "openclosest". In this wrong environment, I can see my farm dying. Thank you
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