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    1. Oh okay, regardless the picture still serves it's purpose.
    2. Hence why I asked for the update? Surely you could understand a script that high alch's items for profit would be dependent on the purchase price of said item, I don't know why 25% above the med price would be beneficial to the script, me, or anyone other than the person on the receiving end of the grand exchange offer. You had the price set significantly higher than even the alch price for the item, making the script completely useless. Regardless the script was picked up by Jagex's automated ban system and issued bans on every account that ran it within 4 hours of using it.
    3. I removed you, not blocked, because there was no point in continuing to be friends on discord. You messaged me saying my thread was pointless and I should have messaged you, I responded that you showed a lack of concern for me as a customer, and you just further disputed that and made excuses for what I should have done instead of what you should have. We didn't seem to be getting anywhere, nor did you ever say anything about resolving this, fixing the script, or anything of the sort until just now in your post. Just that I should have messaged you.
    4. It's sloppy because it was full of misclicks and had no forethought to what it should be able to do, what the goal was of the script, what the customer wanted out of the script, or anything other than just providing the minimal effort. It repeatedly logged out, it would sometimes put too many materials in one item before alching, no questions as to what I wanted, literally nothing. It was just a race to move onto the next project.
    5. I think the icing on the cake was that this thread post was posted in a private discord where other scripters rushed to comment to the defense of another, in attempt to discredit and dissuade people from believing this post and continuing business. This post makes virtually no sense because I cropped the pic so it was just the message, not showing the site, and also because the scripter from that post is on this site as well and has already posted in this thread. Good try though.
    6. For it to be rushed and sloppy and then unable to get simple updates on, yeah I'd say so.
    7. This was a terrible comparison. Bluetooth doesn't take 5 minutes to add, you're completely missing the "car dealership" saying they're gonna provide free support to you to help you with any problems for your car, and finally no, scripting isn't my business, customers don't know exactly how to specify exactly what they need, and regardless everything I was asking for was extremely minor and took no time at all. It was a night and day difference after receiving payment. Lastly, this was never the method, only something I posted from awhile ago for purposes of showing price gouging to the extreme. You clearly don't get it.
    8. Script was purchasing at 25% over market value, which was completely random and you didn't even care to ask what I would want it at, and then wanted more money to take 5 minutes of your day to make the UI. Tell it like it is. You being a scripter and this being your business, should have been inclined to ask more questions to better understand what exactly your customer wanted--not how many scripts you can crank out in one session. I simply wanted the items to buy for just under med price, and you wanted 20% extra to add that in. It's so much more than even that, it's your lack of regard for your customers as a whole. I shouldn't have to be your manager and be ontop of you begging for you to update my script, when it's been days without hearing back about clicking a collect all button in the top right hand corner of the GE interface, there's a problem.
    9. It's been over for awhile but they just string you along thinking you need to change your methods, 'it's bc you don't have VIP, or a private script', when in reality those things barely matter and do nothing to stop bans. I came up with my own ideas from the get-go, implemented my own antiban, had a private script made for my method, residential IP's, reasonable hours--you name it. They'll try and blame it on something you did wrong, something you could have done better, "gotta keep trying and find what works", that's all BS and they know it. It really comes down to the fact that it's more profitable for them to sell people scripts who think they're about to run the next big botfarm than it ever will be for them to farm gold themselves, because the ban rates are so insanely high right now. Oh and once your IP is flagged it's over, you can't bot on that IP again, doesn't matter the account. This is why these forums are so dead-- most people have already figured this out a long time ago and given up. I paid almost $100 to a private scripter here from the site, Gastro, who subsequently made my script way faster than he said it would take prior to me paying (1 hour as opposed to 24), and then asked for more money to update it with a simple UI (this took him 5 mins) because it wasn't working as intended in it's current state. Script was rushed and very sloppy. I asked for one very minor thing to be changed to help speed the bot up immensely and scripter said he would add it then never responded again after that, I guess because I wasn't paying for a 3rd time to update the same script. They're friendly and helpful prior to you paying, afterwards they could care less, it's onto the next customer. Then you have people like this, who have realized even if they get one idiot to pay this price, it's covered half their rent for the month, and all they have to do is a few hours of work and a little copy pasting from previous scripts, and ta-da! Your private bot farm script is ready to go! This was one hilarious response I received when inquiring about an extremely simple script to grind superior dragon bones. He said he wasn't interested in the project if it wasn't going to include the extras (the extra $370). The only reason they contest these types of posts is to continue their business and keep you thinking you just need a newer script, a newer idea, or a better way to do what you're doing. This couldn't be further from the truth.
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