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    1. I will take a look at this, thanks for letting me know!
    2. One of the best ways to level up your Cooking is making wine! Well, that can be pretty time consuming for you, as it is just spam clicking basically. Let this script handle it for you! All you need is: Cooking level +35 (to make wine) Grapes and Jug of water on your bank Start script near bank The bot will produce wine for you and you can just watch Netflix or do whatever you want. All wine will be deposited to bank. Pro version coming soon! Pro version will include: Buying wine ingredients from Grand Exchange to keep making wine if the bank runs out Script will walk to the Grand Exchange for you More features! Report any bugs and suggestions in comments! Changelogs v1.1 Added walking to nearest bank. So you can now start the script anywhere and the bot will walk you to the bank!
    3. Hey yall! I've been working on script, and I want to allow the user to be as lazy as possible, so if there is not enough needed items in bank/inventory, the bot would open up the GE and buy needed items. Now apologises for my rough looking code but this is what I have for my GE: public void buyMore(String item) { if(!(Inventory.count("Coins") >= 100)) { if (Bank.openClosest()) { if(Bank.count("Coins") >= 100) { Bank.withdraw("Coins", 100); Bank.close(); sleep(5000); GrandExchange.open(); if (GrandExchange.isOpen()) { log("GE IS OPEN"); GrandExchange.openBuyScreen(GrandExchange.getFirstOpenSlot()); log("BUY OPENED"); sleep(1000); if (GrandExchange.buyItem(item, 100, 100)) { log("BOUGHT ITEM"); if (sleepUntil(GrandExchange::isReadyToCollect, 15000)) { GrandExchange.collect(); GrandExchange.close(); if (Bank.openClosest()) { Bank.depositAllItems(); } } } } } else { log("Not enough coins to function, stopping.."); stop(); } } } else { GrandExchange.open(); if (GrandExchange.isOpen()) { GrandExchange.openBuyScreen(GrandExchange.getFirstOpenSlot()); sleep(1000); if (GrandExchange.buyItem(item, 100, 100)) { if (sleepUntil(GrandExchange::isReadyToCollect, 15000)) { GrandExchange.collect(); GrandExchange.close(); if (Bank.openClosest()) { Bank.depositAllItems(); } } } } } } The problem I have with this is that the bot opens GE "main widget" but never opens the buy window and buys any items.. What am I missing?
    4. I love the script! Great work on it! but few things I have noticed that it does "wrongly", sometimes the bot get's stuck on GE bank and only opens it and does not deposit any logs to it. Also when it comes to cutting Willow, I have not found spot that the bot would not go all crazy.. 😕 What I mean by crazy is that it keeps moving around the willows but never cutting them.. EDIT: It also seems like the background image for the stats of the script is no longer available
    5. Uhm, hi there! I am aware that name change is usually a VIP thing, and trust me I would definetly get that but unfortunately my financial situation right now is poor.. so I can not really donate to any services.. I would be more than happy if my name could be changed to TrixxieRAyh, meaning that the last 2 letters of my name would be gone ("pr") Happy summer!
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