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    1. It's as simple as the scripters script did NOT function the way it was advertised, nor did the scripter provide any feedback that was helpful or made any concerted effort to help when asked. The issue was that the script got stuck running towards the tanner (Numerous times), as well as at the bank. all of which screenshots were provided to the scripter and reported using the built in report function in the script. Which can be seen by, again, reading the chat between myself and the scripter. The script did not sell the leather at the threshold amount selected in the gui (Which I asked the scripter if the amount shown in a screenshot would sell). to which he commented "TheCloakdOne — 09/27/2021 you need to set up for your config [10:14 PM] im not going to sit here and configure your bot for you" The script did not work as intended and had multiple freezes which are not hardware related, but script related. As shown by the screenshots provided to the scripter and reported using the in script report function. It is evident that the scripter refuses to provide any meaningful advice or help configure their script to any configuration that would actually work as advertised, The scripter refuses to take responsibility or admit they are wrong and simply shifts the blame to myself or my hardware. The scripter further advised me to request a refund as quoted "TheCloakdOne — 09/27/2021 If your not happy with the scripts functionality that it offers you can raise a refund on the Dreambot forum. From what I can see from the logs provided the script is working as intended as of the latest version "
    2. As a matter of fact which can be seen in my last messages and logs sent, as well as the settings I showed the scripter with screenshots, The updated v1.52. Did NOT work as intended nor did I confirm it was working to extent the scripter claims. and the scripter @TheCloakdOne did not help me rectify the situation and suggested that if I were not happy them I could process a refund. all of what I said can be verified by reading the previously attached document which entails our entire conversation over Discord. The script did NOT restock as claimed by the scripter.
    3. My discord name is VooDoo, for clarification of the attached text document.
    4. Script Refund Request Template: Date Purchased: 09/21/21 Script Purchased: Cloakd AIO Crafting Script Creator (tag them with @): @TheCloakdOne Reason for Refund: Script is not performing as it is advertised and I am unable to reconcile with the scripter. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs): As Attached. All proof of issues are linked in the .txt file. as well as with the scripter in their Report Bug function in their scripts Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies): As Attached. The complete communications with the Scripter about the relevant script. Desired Outcome: Store Credit please NameName + TheCloakdOne Entire conversation relating to matter.txt
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