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    1. Morning all, In a variety of time and movement sensitive actions I'd like to 'pre bake' an interact with right click. For example in an agility context, I may have a reliable and stable location of an obstacle which I would like to interact with in a few ticks, but which will be moving or hard to see during the intermediate time. As a human player, I can right click on the obstacle, and hover over the intended interaction. This means the execution process for that interaction goes from target acquisition, mouse movement, and interaction, down to a single click. Is there a way to do t
    2. You might want to try some explicit diagnostics, for example printing to console for each of your else if conditions. Then you would know for sure. Off the cuff, I suspect what's happening is you're attacking the closest cow to the player, and one way or another this is pulling the player outside of the killArea. When this happens and you leave combat, you walk to a random location in the kill area. Notably, you have no selection weight on that walk, so you might be outside of the area on the left, and walk to the far right of the area. Three solutions to mitigate this would be: Se
    3. Extremely helpful as ever thank you Pandemic. Digging into the action of interactionEvent also provides ammo for other things I'm keen to experiment with. I've never managed to get interactions reliable whilst running, outside of DreamBot my computation overhead was too high. If I get enough time tomorrow I hope I can get a web walker operating without the minimap.
    4. There are easier ways to escape the language. You can reflect in another runtime to work in whatever language you want. Implies a performance hit, but very flexible. It's how I've been prototyping using other languages.
    5. Morning all, I'm writing my first DreamBot work, having botted on hacky DIY Runelite injections for a couple of years. I've been experimenting with simple stuff, looking to get to grips with the functionality. I've found that DreamBot has some pretty advanced failure detection, and this is a great safety net, but it is also hard to debug! When mining, I issue a targetRock.interact(), and my mouse tracks to a getSuitablePoint(), and clicks. Most of the time this clears. Sometimes the interact fails, and I issue a move command to the tile. When this happens, DreamBot makes a spirited e
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