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    1. i think it would be a great script to make, have it so that u can either enter the item ID# , or maybe picks up any items over a amount of coins set my the user or the script if anyone would care to make something like this i have alot of ideas on how to make the script work i just dont know how to write code or i would do it my self . feel free to message me at anytime!!
    2. 1. Script purchased: Bun's AIO Casino 2. Script Thread URL: [DB3] Bun's AIO Casino [7 Games] [Highly Customizable] [Anti-Mute] [Muling] [Clan Chat] 3. Scripter(tag them with @): @Bunnybun 4. Date of purchase(mm/dd): 03/24/2021 5. Detailed description of problem: it keeps getting all of my accounts banned like this is nuts i lost 7 accounts.. 6. Proof of attempted scripter contact (screenshots only): i have not talked to the scripter im sorry 7. Proof of script issue(s) (screenshot/gif/video): 8. Desired outcome: Problem(s) fixed / Refund / S
    3. i cant figuer out were to find a form to fill out for a refund , do i just sen it in a msg or what do i do please help me out
    4. ok so i bought the baller script i have my proof of percuss if you need me to i can provide it but idk how this work if u just go into my acc and do it or w.e but its the baller scirpt its the only script ibought please refund this for me
    5. hey i use us proxy servis or somehting like that like my dreambot client comes up but the actulky runescape wont load for me to login to my osrs acc or play


      1. ThisGuyMurphy


        yea im seeming to have the same issue 😕


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