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  1. I don't know if this is completely appropriate for me to post here, but I wanted to make all communities aware of this piece of shit(s) running the website rsmain.com They are 100% scammers. I purchased a rental for 2 hours, gave the money to a mule at duel arena bank random world. Logged onto the staker at approx 3:10pm, and transferred 90m onto the account. (asked the customer service rep to give me a 15 min warning before my time expired) I was doing my thing, some 1m whip stakes, 5m whip stakes, 1m, dds stakes, 5-9m dds stakes- winning and losing as expected. I had put in for a 60m whip and won it, a few stakes later, put in for a 120m whip and won it- At this point I had lost a few and it was about 3:45pm I had around 197m on the account and had advertised for a 40m stake and went in - Halfway through the stake it was like I was DDossed, and I was also winning. I was force logged out even though I was in mid combat. The account login screen then read "the account has been locked as we suspect it has been stolen" I know exactly what happened, I was scammed so I click the website tab and ask the Customer service rep why in the hell he locked the account on me, that I knew he had just scammed me. at this point 3:53pm the customer service represtative for rsmain.com never replied he just made the chat box dissapear as if banning me from the website. I attempted the login one more time with the domains account info, the password had then been changed not even 5 minutes later. At that point I knew that the website was a scamming operatotion and as I would try and re-connect the customer service chat, It would just time me out in 5 seconds and close from then on. Long story short, It was a terrible way to get cleaned, but learned you can hardly trust anyone or anything now adays. I hope I can help atleast 1 person not have to have this happen to them. I've attached all pictures below to help with illustration of the events. I also posted the login (email) of the account I was on that they scammed me with. https://ibb.co/4ZxszW1 - where I had try to log in after I had gotten the "account was locked due to it being stolen kick", and the password was already changed. https://ibb.co/vqcLFcH - chat screen continues to time out https://ibb.co/nn6qgVC - scammer account login details.
  2. Selling rare 3 letter name with meaning (its an airport in japan) I will go first as I am new but if I am going first you must have vouches or we can use a middleman. pm me for the name, and the price, serious buyers feel free to negotiate
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