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    1. When dieing and talking to death for the first time, the DEATHS_DOOR solver misses the 4th dialogue option, and then gets stuck on clicking the door in a loop because it needs to try all options. Yes, I saw the below post, but the probelm there seemed to be that all dialogue options were skipped so I assume that was fixed. It currently tries all options except the 4th and last one needed.
    2. Anyone know what the distribution of getRandomTile is? Is it uniform or normally distributed, or something entirely different? It seems like it would be extremely easy for jagex to find bots given a heatmap of tiles clicked and seeing these uniform rectangles where we create our Area objects. I'm gonna try to create a visualization of the distribution in the comming days, but figured someone else might have already. If its uniformly distributed I'll definitely have to roll my own getRandomTile wrapper since that seems like an instaban to me.
    3. Ah looks like I didabled the RESIZABLE_DISABLER but not the ZOOM_SOLVER. Looks like it's working consistently now. Thanks!
    4. I'm having trouble getting my tutorial island script to talk to the guide at the very beginning. I know that this is because the client is stuck in resizable mode and because of that conventional methods cannot be used. I've tried the following two ways to fix this: Dealing with Resizable Window in Tutorial Island Nuclear Tut Island These don't work. I've tried on multiple accounts to get them to work and they don't. After investigating, I believe its because the client does not start off in an acceptable zoom state, since if I manually get the getExactZoomValue around
    5. Hi, I'm currently working on a large script that is supposed to handle different skilling methods as well as quests, but I'm having some trouble solidifying how I'm going to organize things moving forward. My goal with this script is to have an all in one script that takes a fresh account, finishes tutorial island, does some quests, and hops between various skilling methods until it gets past f2p trade restrictions. Perhaps I could use this to setup my own gold farm, but atm its more of a passion project with a definite goal; to consistently develop an account to 100 total level, 20 hours play
    6. This doesnt seem to do anything for me, I even tried replacing the "null"s with their respective tiles and that didnt work either.
    7. Im currently making a quest bot for Romeo and Juliet, but Im running into an issue with the built in walking. I'm using the following code which seems to be what others have been doing to walk to destinations. // Run inside of onLoop if(juliet == null) { // Keep walking to find her if(m.getWalking().walk(juliet_area.getRandomTile())) { sleep(Calculations.random(1000,3000)); } } Usually the walker opens doors in its path, but for some reason it does not even try to open the door to Juliets house if its closed, and instead just walks around nearby outside. I know I could ma
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