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  1. Not sure where else to post this. https://www.proxy-cheap.com/pricing/residential-proxies/ Found this site, a bit cheaper. It says $5 per 5gb, and "Proxy types: Randomize/Session IPs". First of all, I know Runescape doesn't take up much bandwidth so the price seems good. What I'm wondering most about though is the "randomize/session IP's". Will I get random IP's everytime? I need a proxy (or two lol) to use for maybe 2-3 accounts so the IP can't be randomzied, I need to have the same IP. Does anybody know how this works?
  2. nills

    Starting out

    True, edited, thank you. It's still in your quote though can you please change that lol.
  3. nills

    Starting out

    I guess Mining could be the bigger issue I'm having, that's what I was doing with all the accounts. Figured I would make a few bots doing Motherlode mine but I guess I'll have to take a different route. The last account that got to 30 mining was botted, so hopefully that's why it was banned. I started a fresh account yesterday and botted some quests, logged out and today it's wasn't banned. So maybe my proxy isn't banned yet.. I'm gonna bot a few more quests then maybe do what you said, bot combat. When I get high enough stats I can start making money doing combat instead. Thank you for all the tips I'll make sure to write them down and learn my way forward. Let me know if you have any other tips aswell! EDIT: By the way, just checked my IP. It says my ISP is from "VPS LLC". That can't be good right? Should I find another service?
  4. nills

    Starting out

    How would I even know if it's flagged? I got 2 accounts banned on it, the first account was my own actual IP.
  5. nills

    Starting out

    Is it really though? I guess one answer to my problems is just testing different patterns, what to do first and what to do second. Edit: Am I required to use another proxy now when these accounts have been banned?
  6. nills

    Starting out

    This has probably been posted alot. I started out purchasing VIP to use the Covert mode (figuring it would help me not get banned), I purchased a proxy that I use from VirMach, Manly Hunter, RQuester and Nano Miner. The first account I created (forgot to use proxy for this one) got banned the same day but I botted tutorial Island, botted some quests and then mining. I also used a bond for this one. Second account, I used a proxy to create the account and proxy to use the account. Same there, did tut island with script, botted fewer quests, killed cows, took breaks, mined. Banned day after. And the third account I did everything I could to not get banned. I did everything in the dreambot client. By HAND I did tut island, killed some goblins and other stuff. Botted like 4 quests, took a break. Went mining to 30 then stopped for the day. The day after it was banned. This could maybe be because the proxy that I use (and pay for..) is flagged, but I don't know. I can be at red chinchompas, hopping from world to world and see bots with 114 hunter, which is ridiculous. Any tips, help, recommendations? I'm thinking of using TriBots mirroring function instead but I don't want to invest money in things that don't work.
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