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  1. Auroch

    Starting out

    Lemme hit you with the conclusion I've come to after experiencing something rather similar: There's a few constants here between all the accounts that were banned: quick deployment (no rest time), botting high ban rate activities Mining is a no-go, every time I've ever tried to bot mining my shit gets slapped in under 4 hours, and it doesn't matter where - I've tried to bot Motherlode mine with a premium script when there were just about 0 people in there with me, and what do I get? Banned, when half of what I did on that acc was by hand I asked some people on the chat here, the answer I got was bot mining is a complete no-go Cow killing, same story, luckily none of these accounts had bonds. I wrote a really decent script which primarily just harvested cowhides from the powerlevelers in the cow fields who leave them on the ground, but would occasionally kill some cows just for "realism", I guess. 3 bots total, all accounts were botted until no trade restriction - no bannable skilling - all quests, rested, afk'd out the 24 hour wait time I thought hey, decent way of skimming off the top for some low level income, they're f2p after all and it's a good learning experience Turns out cow killing is a sin beyond mortal comprehension because those motherfuckers were banned 24 hours in, when they were only live for like 3 hours The last account you mention, there's not a lot of details you offer. If the "mining to 30" was bot mining, refer to point one. If you did it by hand, maybe it's a flagged IP? Hard to tell, usually quest scripts don't amount to bans Actual advice anyone here can offer is don't bot spammable skills like woodcutting or mining, and definitely not anything already inundated with bots like cow fields From what I can see, the higher level bot accounts are training combat (which doesn't have a super high base ban rate if you do it in the middle of nowhere) in areas that aren't super populated. I've seen a video where someone scouted out a combat bot farm that was completely centered around the second floor of a jail with literally 0 points of interest, no reason for anyone to go in there, but it had lvl 20 guards in droves. The farmer made one account per world, standard rune gear, powerleveling for hours up to 70+ combat stats and if anyone did show up, they'd finish the guard off then worldhop to avoid a player report (which also lead to bans more often than not, avoid when possible) Get creative
  2. Auroch

    New Scripter

    Off the top of my head, I see two things which are basic but are good practice to follow For one, you reuse a bunch of strings that don't need to be reiterated over and over again, ("Bronze axe", "Iron axe", "Steel axe", "Black axe", "Mithril axe", "Adamant axe", "Rune axe") a more elegant solution is to use a filter considering all the these items have one constant value within each string: " axe" You should refactor if (getInventory().contains("Bronze axe", "Iron axe", "Steel axe", "Black axe", "Mithril axe", "Adamant axe", "Rune axe")) {} into: if(!getInventory.contains(a -> a.getName().contains(" axe"))){ log("No axe found!"); } or if you really needed to check through a list of different strings that have nothing in common, iterate over an array that's defined elsewhere to check if the inventory contains anything in your specified list: String[] list = {"Lobster", "Rune axe", "Small fishing net"}; for(int i=0; i<list.length; i++){ if(getInventory().contains(list[i]){ log("My inventory has: " + list[i]); } } //outputs: //My inventory has: Lobster //My inventory has: Rune axe //etc The other thing that jumps out to me is the use of singular tiles to move around, which in general probably isn't the best practice. Randomizing movement as much as possible is preferred, which the most simple method of this is the method getRandomTile() if(!TREE_AREA.contains(getLocalPlayer())){ getWalking.walk(TREE_AREA.getRandomTile()); }
  3. GameObject plank = getGameObjects.closest(p -> p != null && p.hasAction("Cross")); if(plank.exists()){ plank.interact("Cross"); sleepUntil(() -> !getLocalPlayer.isAnimating()); } break; Like ^ said, this should work and is decently formatted Edit: Wanted to add for learning purposes, Your debugger says specifically, syntax error, insert ") statement" to complete ifStatement and the red line shows where it expects a ) to be, or if there's one ) extra, the red line appears where it should not be Also: figured out the other issue, your NPC filter is missing code that needs to be there to use new Filter<foo> This is what a completed Filter<foo> should look like: public static final Filter<Item> HIDE_FILTER = new Filter<Item>() { @Override public boolean match(Item item) { if (item == null) { return false; } return item.getName().equals(COWHIDE); //Checks i item equals Cowhide } } you must include an @Override and the boolean "match(Foo bar){}" Replace "Item" with NPC and it should be fine
  4. What type of user are you? (Scripter, casual user, heavy user) How many bots do you usually run at one time? How long have you used DreamBot? Scripter, heavy user maximum I've run so far has been 10 No idea, probably a week but it's felt like months. I've been studying the API and writing detailed projects every hour of my spare time ever since I got my hands on the client have used multiple botting clients before, over a year of experience botting other games - BDO, Eve, WoW I am able to jump on discord, offer detailed and knowledgeable constructive criticism, and test the hell out of it lol
  5. Auroch

    Hello All!

    👁️ Hello people of Dreambot.org! 👁️ I am Auroch, a computer engineering major currently exploring this as a continuation of previous endeavors in the same field of interest. I have experience botting other games as well and have been programming since high school, so this is nothing new to me. I am fluent in and have written projects/scripts in C++, C#, Javascript, Python and (now) Java using a myriad of libraries in each language Having written a number of scripts for this client already in the days since I've registered, I hope to make both public and private scripts which everyone will enjoy! 🤑 and hopefully make some money doing so 🤑
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