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  1. Nobody can really know how Jagex really tracks bots and stuff, but in terms of programming it needs just little effort for Jagex to know about many accounts that logged in from the same IP in a short period of time. So they probably know about it. Can they ban you because you traded with another account in the same IP? No. But what if they really know this other account is a bot? I still don't think they'll ban your main because of that. This is not a common banning method and, as @Cystic said, if you're not trading a really really large amount of money (1B+) it shouldn't be a major concern. You should read the rules of Runescape if you want to be sure if your main account can get banned. But the thing is: if it's easy for you to set it up, I'd do it through a proxy, since this is the only way "100%" untraceable. If you have no idea about how to start doing this, just keep doing what you do and you should't have any trouble in 99,9% of the times.
  2. Nice, I'm using it with some enhancements I made
  3. Very nice guys! Will certainly use the version enhanced by @brentwalther. Thanks so much, I was looking for this.
  4. What kinds of changes are being made for DB3?
  5. Ok, this is what I needed lol... in case anyone else also needs:
  6. And I'm also running DreamBot on a Mac. Differently than Toasted, DBLaucher initializes fine here... just doesn't find any script (I always get the "No scripts to display!" message on the scripts tab. I'm used to code and run java codes, but I'm not sure how to make DBLaucher detect my local script (the script is personal, didn't submit them to the scripter panel)
  7. Forgot to mention that none of the causes described in the post were my cause here 😕
  8. I'm also having this problem. I created the script under `/Users/kisdev/IdeaProjects/runescript`, compiled into `/Users/kisdev/IdeaProjects/runescript/out`, ran DBLauncher, clicked on Scripts, clicked on Refresh All, but no script comes up... Should I compile the Java code into a different output directory? Do I need to compile it into a .jar file?
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