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  1. just tested the same proxy not trough dreambot and that seems to work so at least in my case im certain it was not due to my proxy wich hightens the possability of the signature thing mabey tho as with my previous post its just a guess
  2. greetings im not sure on this but in my case i wasnt botting at all just using dreambot client for the proxy so far made 3 accounts on with 2 i play first one i did some botting on a proxy got banned the moment i ran the script used different proxy for creating the other one logged in there hadnt done tut island not even set a name there got locked twice the only thing that stayed the same was me using dreambot as a client trough wich to play osrs i dont know but im just thinking that a differance in the dreambot client is being detected by jagex even if not botting and that is being used to lock accounts while i have not fully tested that theory it is possible to run a signature test and lock all traffic from x signature so that woulld mean they have to treat the dreambot client itself as a virus to do such a thing i dont know about other clients but my best guess is that they do the same with any botting client if they automate detection in such a way or even if a comunity of players that are anti bot woulld create ai to automate such a thing that woulld in theory be enough to make that happen theoretically speaking also it woulld prevent new software to be created to a large extent aswell if automated well enough tho there is no wat of knowing if this is at all the case i have heard about several player initiated anti bot offensive's that are ai based in the past like poeple building their ai bot to spot other bots or automating a large ammount of things based on a list of known botting clients to where even running osrs trough such a client without scripts gets you auto locked tho i dont know if same goes for bans aswell hope this is at least somewhat valuable information that helps out at least a little most of what ive heard are just rumours tho the ai part i know that a comunity of players is busy with such a thing simply because of youtube that banning on proxies is also a big possability and i do know jagex uses proxies and vpn detection in their anti botting measures so even legit poeple using vpn gets them locked even playing legit osrs cause it messes with that inplemented system tho i doubt much of this is news to alot of you i dont know how wide spread the ai part of my mssg is known to the botting comunity ps i dont know if dreambot still uses some sort of injection but if so ive heard that that is making it more easy to get banned so mabey re think the design tho i dont have enough coding exp to help with that since alot of what i know is mainly theoretical not practical hope this info helps out somewhat
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