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    1. As an update to this thread, I was banned again within 3 days. I did everything right, worked with a proxy and convert-mode, did 4-5 hour bot shifts, used only NEX scripts. Bascially any countermeasures available I rolled them out. Even most of the playing was done AFK... This is a little ridiculous and mega frustrating. At this point, I'm wondering if purchasing an account would be better. However, most sellers seem sketchy. Any advice friends?
    2. Yea maybe... i do try and switch it up, melee one day, fishing the next and some quests sprinkled in along the way. Something I've been thinking about, is that they ban me almost always on the 4th day. I wonder if playing legit for 3 days and then starting to bot would decrease the chances of a ban.
    3. OK thanks for the tips guys! does anyone know a good melee script? Going to start over again and hope for better luck.
    4. About 4-5 hours a day, what might have caused it is that i used the cron beta fighter last night for about 4 hours, but it still had 10 min breaks every 30 mins.
    5. Don't know if anyone else has an account that has lasted more than 4-6 days, but I've been banned again, is botting just not worth it anymore?
    6. Ok, thank's for the help! The community seems awesome here :).
    7. Ok good to know! Are proxies purchased on dreambot or does anyone have proxy site suggestions?
    8. All great points thank you! I will add them to my botting routine. If I've already received a permanent ban should I use a proxy IP?
    9. Hey all, I just joined here and I really want to train a good account up to become a member eventually. I was using RuneMate before this and got banned in 4 days. Super sad as my main got hit as well, lost an account that was 14 years old had stats in the '80s and had about 60M. So now i'm switching over to dreambot, just wondering if my goal is reasonable or will i eventually get banned?
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