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  1. Hello everyone! I was looking for a forum where I can discuss bot-related programming things with co-developpers. This is basically the most active forum where I stumbled upon, if there is a better forum for my questions, please let me know and I will move to that place! 🙂 I was interested whether creating bots with object detection is still a thing. With the corona virus I have a lot of spare time so currently I am create bots which use object recognition to execute certain tasks. I am creating my own scripts in Python. I develop mouse movements and keystrokes with the 'pyautogui' library and I apply object-recognition with 'tensorflow'. Finally I create an overlay of the client with openCV. My curiosity to create these types of bots was drawn by articles such as: https://medium.com/@youngdp/my-attempt-at-botting-in-runescape-63e9e61e47ed Or the Github repository of Luke Garbut who created a bot which is able to merch: https://github.com/lukegarbutt/RunescapeBots Do you guys know where I can best post my questions regarding this type of botting and do you guys have any tips or remarkt on this type of botting? I would be very happy to find some sort of community where I can actively share my machine learning skills for object recognition. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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