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  1. Right on. Yeah he mentions getting a lot of bans within days using vps's, then in the next progress update mentions the reason he was getting banned had "something to do with the email domain name you sign up with - so choose your email provider carefully." He doesn't really elaborate on whether the vps's and the email thing are related. In another part he brings up the PVA emails, I thought maybe that was linked to him talking about the email domain name. Can you make sense of it?
  2. I read through a guy's gold farm progress thread, very interesting stuff. he mentions the use of "PVA email addresses" that helped him not get banned. What are these email addresses? What is there significance with account bans? Does anyone have any experience with these?
  3. Hey I loved your post, read the whole thing and wanted to ask some stuff. 1. You said that when you used vps's you were getting a lot of bans after several days, why do you think that is? That was my original plan was to get some vps's going. 2. On week 11 of your original progress post you said that the reason you were getting banned had to do with the domain name of the emails you were using on the accounts, but didn't really elaborate. What was that all about? 3. Somewhere in the edited form of the post you talk about PVA Yahoo accounts and buying those in bulk. Is this related to my question 2? What is the significance of these? I've been reading everything I can for days with aspirations to run my own farm. This post intrigued me cause you're the only person that isn't all about sock5 proxies and vpn's and vps's
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