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  1. Supported stalls: Tea stall, Baker's stall, Fruit stall, Draynor Master farmer & Falador guards. Start in Varrock, Ardougne, Hosidious, Draynor or Falador. If you don't wish to use food, leave the text field blank. Future features: Blackjacking.
  2. Does the ranging guild competition for some good XP 😃. Simply start in the competition area with coins in your inventory and an equipped bow. (Click paint to hide/show)
  3. jawa

    [FREE] Jay's Tab Maker

    Makes Varrock teleports and uses Phials to unnote clay. Script currently only supports Eagle and Oak Lectern and Varrock teleports or Enchant Sapphire. Make sure your house is located in Rimmington, that the lectern is visible and that you do NOT render doors in your POH. Start outside your POH with noted soft clay, law runes, fire runes, coins and an equipped a staff of air. Future updates will include GUI and support for more lecterns and tablets.
  4. Ah silly me... I never checked if the modelColors array was null, only the object itself. It works now, thank you once again!
  5. Thanks for your help. However it still throws me a nullpointer..
  6. So I'm trying to identify a gameObject by getModelColors(). GameObject xx = getGameObjects().closest(o -> o.getModelColors()[0] == 2555); However, this throws me a nullpointer exception. I've also tried passing it through a filter, no luck.
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